Pardon My Take

Cian Fahey and Super Bowl Champion Malik Jackson

The War on the War on Football is heating up and we're here at the front lines (2:08- 10:01). Update on Lebron vs Kyrie which has turned into Lebron vs Stephen A Smith and Kyrie vs Old Hacky Columnists (10:01 - 20:12). QB Whisperer Cian Fahey joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of current backup Quarterbacks (20:12 - 44:47). Super Bowl Champion Malik Jackson joins the show to talk about scoring a Touchdown in the Super Bowl, his decision to sign with the Jaguars, and Cam Newton making business decisions on the football field (44:47 - 56:53). Segments include talking soccer, hurt or injured for a ripped out nipple ring on the Cowboys and the Milwaukee Brewers. Higher Education with Billy Football and that's enough internet for today.

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