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Christians tortured, killed and media yawn...and Democrats' big lie about "Medicare for all"

Fr. Benedict Kiely reveals the truth about Christian genocide in the Middle East, and details what may have started the slaughter. Dr. Ramin Oskoui joins Laura to explain how we can lower health care costs without resorting to the Democrats' financially irresponsible Medicare for all approach. Plus, Steven Camarota stops by to expose how costly illegal immigration is to our overburdened health care system.

The Laura Ingraham Podcast
01:01:00 5/15/2019

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Another weekend, another hate crime hoax as GA Representative Erica Thomas lies about a man telling her to "go back where you came from." Michelle Malkin joins Laura to expose the latest hate crime hoax and generation Grievance. Plus, it's certainly no hoax that social media censorship is real - despite what Big Tech and the media claim. Mary Ann Mendoza, an Angel Mom, stops by to share her story of being banned from Twitter.
00:47:00 7/23/2019
The media is on the attack against Trump once again after his rally last night in North Carolina. But what is Trump really trying to address with his comments? Newt Gingrich joins Laura to discuss how Trump is framing 2020 as a battle between patriotism and prosperity versus socialism and decline. Plus, David Rubin, the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, joins Laura to expose Ilhan Omar's latest anti-Semitic actions. And Scherie Murray, the Republican from Jamaica who is challenging AOC's seat, reveals how she plans to use conservative principles and Trump's messaging to defeat AOC.
00:53:00 7/18/2019
This week marks the 50th Anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 journey - possibly mankind's greatest achievement. Holly Ridings, NASA's first female Chief Flight Director, reveals how we're going back into space in a big way. Dr. Bill Barry, NASA's chief historian, also joins Laura to share the remarkable story behind Apollo 11, from its Cold War origins to the first step on the moon. Plus, Raheel Raza, the president of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, exposes the Ilhan Omar's lies, and how "Islamophobia" is used to silence free speech.
00:57:00 7/17/2019
As President Trump continues to spotlight the radical elements of the Democrat Party, the media's and the Left's reactions remain the same: call him a racist. Historian Craig Shirley joins Laura to reveal the truth about the anti-American forces inside the Democrat Party, the real racist Presidents in American history, and what truly makes America a great country. Abby Johnson also joins Laura to expose what she observed at her trip to the border. Plus, former acting-director of ICE Tom Homan stops by to react to his explosive House testimony with AOC, and why Trump's immigration solutions are working.
00:59:00 7/16/2019
President Trump held his first Social Media Summit to give a voice to those who have been censored by the tech giants. Harmeet Dhillon joins Laura to break down the latest attempts by Big Tech to silence dissenting conservative voices, and expose how they lobby and promote their own agenda. Plus, Gordon Chang stops by to explain why the US should NOT be doing business with China.
00:51:00 7/11/2019
Rock and Roll legend Ted Nugent joins Laura for an exclusive interview. Nugent explores what makes music - and the country and culture - truly great, why he's not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, why the genre is dying, and much more. Plus, Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino stop by to share what they discovered about the Kavanaugh hearings in their new book Justice on Trial.
00:57:00 7/10/2019
Raymond Arroyo joins Laura to examine the latest example of America's values in crisis: A violent family brawl erupts at Disney, as dozens stand by instead of helping. But, one man stepped in. Why? Raymond and Laura reveal what's at the heart of America's "observer culture." Plus, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley stops by to expose the Dems' "insane" opposition to adding the citizenship question on the 2020 census.
00:57:00 7/9/2019
Dr. Jordan Peterson joins the podcast for an exclusive interview, revealing why Trump's message on the wall is so attractive, destroying Elizabeth Warren on reparations, slamming AOC's obsession with "privilege," and much more. Alex Berenson reveals what he discovered in his new book Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence. Plus, Tom Cotton reflects on the sacrifice of the brave men who gave their lives to defeat tyranny and defend freedom.
01:10:00 7/4/2019
On this "Best Of the Laura Ingraham Podcast," Peter Schweizer joins Laura to expose the truth about Joe Biden's corrupt ties to China, Tim Carney discusses his new book "Alienated America," and Chris Redlitz stops by to explain his successful non-profit that helps convicts have a future.
01:03:00 7/3/2019
On this "Best Of the Laura Ingraham Podcast," Tricia Elbrock, a rancher in Animas, NM, shares her personal experiences of living near the border, and reveals why we need a wall. A former gang member turned author and motivator Casey Diaz joins Laura to share his redemption path from convicted murderer to leading a life in Christ. Plus, Victor Davis Hanson stops by to explain Trump's winning secret in his new book, "The Case for Trump."
01:07:00 7/2/2019

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