Child sex trafficking charges added against Trumpworld figure

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The Rachel Maddow Show
00:46:05 7/19/2019

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9:00 Pro-Trump conspiracy theories pay off for anti-China group 9:27 Anti-China group hired GOP strategist in pro-Trump shift 9:37 Deadline looms for Democratic candidates to make third debate 9:42 Biden releases general election-style ad in Iowa 9:49 Democrats focus on beating Trump while also defining party valuesLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:45:30 8/20/2019
9:00 United States descends into new nuclear arms race with Russia 9:07 Massive crowds flood Hong Kong streets protesting for democracy 9:09 Americans in every state rally for gun reform as Trump waffles 9:12 To advise patients fully, Planned Parenthood rejects federal cash 9:29 Iceland mourns loss of glacier destroyed by climate change 9:36 August explosion not Russia's first nuclear incident this summer 9:44 Nuclear monitoring stations fall silent after Russian explosion 9:55 Mike Flynn quick to distance himself from Qanon-tied eventLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:44:27 8/19/2019
9:00 Reports show NRA's lavish spending on luxuries for LaPierre 9:26 Republicans block FEC probe of NRA's Russia money and Trump 9:36 Craig gets a little too familiar with witness in his case 9:42 Roger Stone haunted by his own words (and movie fandom) at trial 9:53 Hospital staff not told of nuclear risk of Russian blast: reportsLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:46:03 8/16/2019
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00:48:00 8/15/2019
9:00 McConnell at nexus of increased Russian leverage on U.S. 9:33 Risky Russian deal a tough choice for Kentucky in economic need 9:43 Gunman injures police in Philadelphia stand-off 9:47 Booker: Police officers among strongest gun safety law advocates 9:56 Booker emphasizes personal passion as setting him apart on gunsLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:50:00 8/14/2019
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00:46:00 8/13/2019
9:00 Radiation containment a new concern in Russian nuclear incident 9:17 Trump business conflicts further degrade US credibility on China 9:30 Trump relinquishes US moral authority with sympathy for dictators 9:38 Dubious Georgia election strengthened Abrams' zeal for fairness 9:44 Abrams building team to guard against 2020 election abuse 9:55 Disapproval of Trump higher than approval in ten states Trump won 9:59 Judge scraps Greg Craig jury, starts overLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:44:15 8/13/2019
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00:45:43 8/12/2019
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00:46:28 8/9/2019
9:00 ICE raid speaks louder than Trump platitudes on El Paso shooting 9:07 Trump losing fight to keep finances private from investigation 9:16 Court filing makes impeachment inquiry into Trump explicit 9:24 Former FBI officials file separate lawsuits against Trump 9:39 Congress could return early from break for gun legislation work 9:43 Trump impeachment inquiry to look at broad range of offenses 9:54 As political tide turns on guns, Judiciary may reconvene early 9:59 Gears of Trump impeachment process begin to turn in earnestLearn more about your ad choices. Visit
00:49:38 8/8/2019

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