Uncut with Jay Cutler

Caroline Bryan talks about her family, how social media affects her kids, her relationship with Luke and being married to a sex symbol on Uncut with Jay Cutler

Caroline Bryan (Luke's wife) joins Jay and they start out with a discussion about social media, and how her Instagram account blew up on accident to over a million followers. Plus Jay talks to Caroline about her roots in Georgia, her family dynamic, and the ups and downs of being a parent. Caroline also talks about social media today, versus when her and Jay were younger and could get away with more, and how Caroline and Luke's kids are affected by what they see on social media. Caroline also jokes about Luke being the second guy she ever kissed, after having the same boyfriend all through high school, and then met Luke her very first week in college. Caroline also talks about her first job out of college selling Cialis, how her relationship with Luke developed, and what they fight about when they're both home together. And being married to a "sex symbol" has made her family a lot of money, but she's had to shut down a few touchy fans once in a while.

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