Uncut with Jay Cutler

Brian Urlacher and Jay talk about life after football, their physical and mental health, the Deshaun Watson suspension and the Bears leaving Soldier Field on Uncut with Jay Cutler

Brian Urlacher joins old teammate Jay Cutler to catch up on life, sports parenting, and their careers. Brian even jokes about how he should have been a quarterback like Jay and he'd probably still be playing, because today's players are playing into their 40's. Jay and Brian also have some frank thoughts on CTE, both talking about how their bodies and minds feel as they start to age, and how they worry about the long-term effects as they get older. Plus fresh on the heels of the Deshaun Watson suspension, both Jay and Brian were really shocked that it was only six games. Brian also talks about how tough things have become in the city of Chicago, and when Jay asks about how Brian feels about the Bears leaving Soldier Field, he doesn't seem to care as long as Chicago doesn't get a dome. Jay jokes that they will to get a Super Bowl, and Brian continues to joke that it's too cold in Chicago in February for a Super Bowl so they'll never get one. Plus Brian's journey through football, old memories and stories from the NFL, and how Brian is spending his retirement.

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