Bolling with Favre

Brett Favre and Eric Bolling talk about trading Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady's comments about the teams that passed on him and the NCAA rulings on Bolling with Favre

Brett and Eric open with the latest on the Aaron Rodgers situation in Green Bay, and how both guys feel like the Packers need to make a decision on him soon otherwise they are hurting themselves. Plus in the story of Tom Brady remembering the teams that passed on him during free agency, Brett thinks that this is Tom's way of keeping himself motivated against the teams he needs to face during the season. In the vein of football, Eric makes Brett Favre his own GM and has him draft a team around his favorite players and who he likes most at each position. And after Shaq said he'd kick Ben Simmons' ass for not playing hard, Brett thinks about how he tried to motivate teammates to be better players instead of threatening them. Plus lots of controversy surrounding the Olympics, gay players coming out in the NFL, and the NCAA's landmark ruling about college sports. Subscribe, rate and review the show for your last shot at an autographed Luke Bryan album set!

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