Bolling with Favre

Brett Favre and Eric Bolling talk about the Derek Chauvin conviction, the Raiders viral tweet, the Jake Paul fight, fixing the deficit and more on Bolling with Favre

Eric Bolling and Brett Favre roll through this crazy week, leading off with the Derek Chauvin conviction and how they felt about the conviction after it was announced, and how this has affected the state of law enforcement in America. And Eric asks Brett about the Raiders viral tweet this week, and how sports and politics mixing have caused a lot of kickback for guys like Brett who are outspoken with their opinion. We also play the wild audio of the Jake Paul knockout, and Brett goes on to compare Jake to the "unconventional" fighters of his day like Butterbean. Plus Brett and Eric dive into Warren Buffett's plan to fix the deficit, breaking down the salaries of Congress and how they continue on for life, and eliminating that and leveling the playing field would change the US deficit entirely. Interact with the show by emailing!

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