The Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast

This week, Andrew's 'Rants' include his experience taking the NFLPA agent exam, Tyreek Hill & NFL discipline, & more.

The Business of Sports: NFL Business Podcast
00:30:48 7/22/2019

Past Episodes

Author David Epstein talks about his new book, Range: How Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World. He & Andrew discuss individuals who are specialists vs. generalists, our culture of trying to be the best, & much more.
01:26:47 8/19/2019
This week, Andrew 'Rants' on Antonio Brown, the Dallas Cowboys, & the NFL's partnership with Roc Nation.
00:35:34 8/12/2019
Andrew 'Rants' on Tom Brady's contract, the Dallas Cowboys holdouts, & Cryotherapy on this week's podcast. He also answers listener questions. If you have a question for a future episode, leave him a message at 484-416-5654.
00:26:59 8/6/2019
Andrew welcomes New Orleans attorney Antonio Lemon to this week's podcast. Antonio filed the NFC Title Game lawsuit on behalf of Saints ticket holders. He talks about why he filed the suit & what he hopes to get out of it.
00:53:40 7/31/2019
Andrew 'rants' on having to retake the agents exam, the latest on the NFL CBA negotiations, & more on this week's podcast.
00:21:38 7/16/2019
Terri Boyer, the founding Director of the Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women's Leadership at Villanova University talks with Andrew about equal pay in sports, specifically related to the U.S Women's National Soccer team.
00:27:39 7/10/2019
Andrew reverses the roles and interviews Ross on this week's Business Of Sports podcast. They talk about NBA Free Agency, the NFL dead period, NFL Analytics, the balance between media access vs. privacy, & much more.
00:46:07 6/30/2019
This week is an emotional episode as Andrew talks with Colts CB Kenny Moore & how he saved the life of a dog and its owner, Max Dickson. The original story was written by Max's father (link below).
00:36:17 6/26/2019
Andrew goes over the differences between NFL & NBA contracts as well as the salary cap between the two leagues on this week's 'Brandt's Rants' edition of the Business of Sports podcast.
00:31:06 6/17/2019
This week on the Business of Sports, Andrew 'rants' about the Kevin Durant injury and then talks about his latest career move joining Vayner Sports as Executive Vice President.
00:22:29 6/11/2019

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