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Brand You; Simple Strategies to Make a Statement Without Saying a Word >> Stephen A. Hart | EP21

We all recognize the power of a strong corporate/entity brand to generate revenue, build customer confidence, make a visual connection, and more. But, what about an individual's online brand and digital presence? If yours needs a little TLC, this episode is for you ... Brand You! Stephen A. Hart is a Brand Alignment Strategist, who guides busy professionals through a clear process to build, market and grow their own amazing personal brand using his Brand You AcademyTM and "AMD" formula. Through his podcast, Trailblazers.FM, Stephen grew a global audience and established the #1 podcast that interviews today's successful black professionals. Tune into my interview with Stephen for a few tips on building your personal brand, then connect with him on your favorite digital platform(s): LinkedIn | Twitter| Instagram

B.O.O.S.T Podcast
00:20:54 8/14/2019

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A serial entrepreneur, Glenn Garnes is a retired business trial attorney who has a passion for entrepreneurship and helping people get started in and grow their businesses. A master connector, Glenn created Small Business CEO; a complete small business eco-system that supports the efforts of small business owners to create momentum in their businesses and Experts on Stage; an affinity group for speakers and coaching professionals who desire to leverage and scale their businesses through a complete, turnkey marketing system. During this episode, Glen shares practical, actionable tips to help you to build relationship equity, to become an influencer, to avoid common networking no-no's, and more! Tune in and then connect with Glenn. You'll be glad you did! LinkedIn | Twitter| Instagram | Facebook
00:20:52 9/12/2019
For 17 years, Pamela Sams has been partnering with women to help them to improve their personal and financial wealth through solid financial life planning. Known as "The Financial Navigator", Pamela helps clients navigate the rough waters toward financial independence, so they can be, do, and have their heart's desire. Her knowledge in this area has made her a sought-after speaker and now you can tap into her financial genius during this episode. Tune into my interview with Pamela for a few tips on increasing your financial IQ, building wealth, and navigating the challenges of being in the sandwich generation. Want more of Pamela, mosey over to your favorite digital platform(s): Website| LinkedIn | Twitter| Instagram | Facebook
00:21:08 8/27/2019
The journey to senior leadership can be a tough one, but it doesn't have to be. In this episode, Alex Tremble shares how getting comfortable with not knowing everything can help you build successful relationships, gain influence, and win the trust of others regardless of where you are in your career/business. Alex is a speaker, career coach, and founder of GPS Leadership Solutions. He has helped hundreds of executive leaders strategically position themselves for their next promotions using his GPS Success methodology. After you listen in, don't forget to connect with Alex on your favorite digital platform(s): LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook. And, be sure to pick up a copy of Alex's book, "Reaching Senior Leadership: 10 Growth Strategies Every Government Leader Should Know". Don't forget to let Alex know you heard him on the B.O.O.S.T. podcast :-)
00:20:29 7/31/2019
Hold on to your hats, folks, this mother of 7 (yes, SEVEN) shares how the "University of Life" drove her to create a cause marketing enterprise; helping clients to achieve greater levels of community impact. Jessica Koch is a speaker, trainer, and consultant who's traveled nationally connecting with audiences in government, education, and economic development. She helps transform her client's business development process to accelerate the success of their sales team. During this feel good episode, Jessica and I chat about the joys of parenting, pivotal decision-making moments, living from a perspective of abundance, and more! Tune in through the very end of our conversation to hear Jessica's 2 infamous life quotes, then mosey over to her digital assets: website | LinkedIn | YouTube
00:17:25 7/17/2019
In honor of Independence Day, we're taking advantage of our freedom to mix things up a bit. LOL! This podcast features my fun exchange with the B.O.O.S.T. podcast audio engineer and master of all things podcasty, Claude Jennings. We covered topics like time management, business strategy, crock pot success, and more! Listen in and don't forget to like, comment, and share the episode with folks you know.
00:13:23 7/2/2019
Does your small business want to do business with large corporations, but you're struggling to get your foot in the door? This podcast highlights my conversation with Anna Hakobyan, Lead, Government Compliance + Supplier Diversity - AstraZeneca, Casey Oakes, Director of Supplier Diversity - Marriott International, and Karen Zuckerman, President + Chief Creative Officer (CCO) - HZ. We chat about how to connect with large companies, the importance of those connections, proper follow up, and more!
00:28:34 6/19/2019
Want to launch a podcast, but not sure if it's "right" for you? Well, this episode is a must listen! During my conversation with fellow podcasters, Charlie Birney, Debbie DeChambeau and Stephen Hart, we cover topics like content creation, how to leverage podcasts for marketing yourself/business, best practices to land podcast interviews, sponsorship, and more. Listen in, then get social with Charlie, Debbie, and Stephen. Let them know I recommended you reach out ;-)
00:27:13 6/6/2019
Training and magic and soul. Oh my! In this episode, Dr. Joynicole Martinez, CEO - The Alchemist Agency, shares how she practically helps clients and entire communities expand capacity, develop leadership, and strengthen operations; turning something that appears worthless into something that's invaluable. That's what alchemy is all about! Tune in and then connect with Dr. Joy on LinkedIn, her website, or Twitter for more information.
00:16:26 5/23/2019
This episode features Alan Gregerman, President and Chief Innovation Officer of VENTURE WORKS, Inc. Throughout Alan's presentation, he challenges our thinking about people, the world around us, where brilliant ideas actually come from, and how to reach our full potential as individuals, leaders, and organizations. Need some inspiration? Check out one of Alan's three books?The Necessity of Strangers, Surrounded by Geniuses, and Lessons from the Sandbox. Visit www.venture-works.com or www.alangregerman.com for more information.
00:24:48 5/9/2019
An author, advocate for women and diversity, and public speaker, Jennefer Witter is the CEO/Founder of The Boreland Group, a NYC-based public relations firm. During this conversation, Jennefer shared her thoughts about fake news, emerging communication channels in the current age of new media, strategies to get your unfair share of attention [ala "The Little Book of Big PR" that Jennefer authored], and much more! Tune in. Then, connect with Jennefer [mention you heard her on the B.O.O.S.T. podcast ;-)]- www.theborelandgroup.com | www.linkedin.com/in/jenneferwitter | https://twitter.com/JenneferTBG
00:21:15 4/24/2019

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