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NBA Playoffs, Celtics vs Wizards Fight, Lebron Blames and the Capitals are officially in a load of trouble (1:52 - 15:02). Randy Moss from NBC sports joins the show to break down the Kentucky Derby and give us some winners for the big race on Saturday (15:02 - 29:43). Blake Bortles hops on for the monthly meeting of the Blake Bortles Wikipedia Club, discussing Kentucky Derby and Cinco De Mayo (29:43 - 44:56). Segments include Thoughts and Prayers for Tyronne Lue, Bad Visual, Lane Kiffin blows our minds again, Shoe Roast for the new Big Baller Brand shoes, Respect the Biz, Hank Hot in the Streets, and Jimbos of the week.

00:55:33 5/4/2017

Past Episodes

It's finally Tax Day but we all filed for extensions so we're gucci . The Caps stink again but what else is new (2:20 -5:16). We do our knee jerk reactions to Game 1 in the NBA Playoffs (5:16 - 14:42). Who's Back of the Week including a call to Marlins Man who has some breaking news on Derek Jeter's fraudulent filings and Coachella has us triggered again (14:42 - 38:47). NL MVP and Cubs 3B Kris Bryant joins us to talk about playing in Chicago, how much he wants Bryce Harper on the Cubs, being perfect at life, and how much he wants Bryce Harper on the Cubs (38:47 - 57:52). Segments include Way to stay relevant Baseball GIFS, Put one in her earhole for the little league coach that tried to bean an 11 year old girl, Our Bad we broke up John Cena's marriage, Embrace Debate is Gregg Popovich a dickhead, and "Whoa".
00:55:33 4/15/2018
The Stanley Cup Playoffs have started and the Washington Capitols are dead (2:27 - 8:59). NBA Playoffs start Saturday and we do knee jerk picks for each series (8:59 - 15:17). Brain Dump Fridays including a fake Chik Fil A to make people buy from our real Chik Fil A and Big Cat thinks he can go viral singing Cardi B songs (15:17 - 28:20) . Northwestern Head Football Coach Pat Fitzgerald joins the show to talk about being a Football Guy, the new Northwestern facilities, the hardest place to play in the Big Ten, and why his hashtag game needs work (28:20 - 57:34). Segments include Way to stay Relevant for baseball brawls making a huge comeback, Protect the shield for Colin Kaepernick, Done or Finished Billy Mitchell, and Hmmm because Bill Belichick named his dog Nike. 
00:55:33 4/12/2018
The NFL got rid of color rush thursdays and we're mad and red and nude about it (2:20 - 8:39) . We confront Hank on his weird addiction of swallowing gum (he's swallowed over 50 pieces in the last 3 days, (Hank note -  swallowing gum isn't actually weird and if you think it is then you are the weird one) (8:39 - 11:24). Richie Incognito gives an exclusive statement to Pardon My Take on his retirement (11:24 - 12:50). Hot Seat/Cool Throne discussing the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is without a doubt a robot (12:50 - 29:15). Rachel Nichols joins the show to talk about the NBA Playoffs, why Melo stinks, who should the Cavs fear in the East, and whether or not the Rockets/Raptors can break through (29:15 - 49:28). Segments include Respect the Biz for the Milwaukee reporter that got in a fist fight, PR 101 for Tristan Thompson kissing 2 women that weren't his wife, Spinzone Mark McGwire says he didn't need all those steroids to hit 70 home runs, explain it to Big Cat, and guys on chicks. 
00:55:33 4/10/2018
The Master are over and man baby Patrick Reed has won the Green Jacket (2:20 - 4:31). Recapping Sunday in Augusta and our favorite Patrick Reed stories (4:31 - 9:12). Is Tiger back? (9:12 - 17:13) Who's back of the week including Joe West putting deodorant on his feet (17:13 - 26:54). Former 2nd Pick in the NFL Draft Ryan Leaf joins the show to talk about his life in the NFL, his addiction and recovery post NFL, overcoming regrets and what he learned from being considered a Bust (26:54 - 57:23). Segments include Peter King ate the trash again, Uhhh Ya Think for Jon Daly Sabermetrics Doug Gottlieb, Done or Finished Giancarlo Stanton and "whoa"  LINK TO BUY SHIRT, ALL PROCEED GO TO HUMBOLDT BRONCOS -
00:55:33 4/8/2018
Conor McGregor goes crazy in Brooklyn and we ask the question is he too big for the UFC( 2:15-7:35). Masters are here and Tiger battled the course and the Azaleas + Sergio gave up on life and will never win a Major (7:16-11:12). Kyrie Irving is hurt and the Team Lebron curse lives on (11:13-16:25). Brain dump Friday including a new way to create energy and how we can capitalize on starting fake death rumors (16:26-23:36). Ryan Whitney joins the show to talk to us about who will win the Stanley Cup Final, which team is shitpumpin other teams, and why basketball players are soft (26:50-50:52). The ForePlay boys (@RiggsBarstool, @BarstoolTrent) join the show live from Augusta to tell us about Day 1 of the Masters and Tiger's chances to win the tournament (52:00-58:23). Segments include Tebow Update (1:00:58-1:03:13), Embrace Debate (1:03:14-1:06:12) Stay Woke, (1:06:13-1:07:04) the new segment "Whoa" (1:07:05-1:08:15), Take Quake Stephen A Smith thinks Josh Rosen wants to go to NYC because it has more Jews (1:08:16-1:10:10), and PMT FAQ (1:10:11-1:06:55). 
01:20:11 4/5/2018
We're never leaving San Antonio but we had a blast at the National Championship game Monday. Villanova is a hurricane of basketball talent and Mo Wagner got tired from pumping up the crowd (2:30-13:40). Masters preview and storylines including John Daly, the galleries, and can Sergio finally win the big one (13:41-19:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including the state of Kentucky because Rick Pitino is never going back there (19:31-30:38). Wrestling Champion and A-List Celebrity John Cena joins the show to talk about his new movie, getting Punk'd, whether or not he'd fuck Big Cat's belly button and milk PFT's nipples, and what it's like being a wrestler that gets boo'd (33:11-1:03:27). Segments include PR 101 Donte DiVincenzo's old tweets are problematic (1:07:10-1:11:40), Trouble in Paradise for the Patriots possibly trading Gronk(1:11:41-1:15:42) and Guys on Chicks (1:15:45-1:21:00). 
01:21:59 4/3/2018
We're live from San Antonio for the Final Four and we're sick and tired of Maroon 5 blaring across the entire city (2:27 -4:30). We talk about Saturday night's games, Sister Jean the possibly fraud fan, and eating dinner next to Mike D'Antoni, not to brag (4:30 - 12:31). Who's back of the week (12:31 - 22:06). Providence Head Coach Ed Cooley joins the show and talks about how to beat Villanova, how he got into coaching, and the time he split his pants on the sidelines (22:06 - 40:51). Segments include Embrace Debate how to do you pronounce the word Meme and has Jim Nantz ever been on the internet. Talking Soccer, Zlatan is going to save America. Just Chill out man for Aaron Donald practicing with knives. Baker Mayfield keeps every negative tweet and Hurt, Injured, or High with Joel Embiid.  Bonus segment post Take on Me, we battle a Maroon 5 concert in real time 
00:55:33 4/1/2018
Baseball is back and everyone is on pace for something (2:12-9:50). Final Four is coming up and we're headed to San Antonio for all the action + our picks (9:51-14:31). Brain Dump Friday where we pitch our best ideas that are probably terrible (14:32-20:48). Virginia Tech Head Basketball Coach Buzz Williams joins the show to talk about how he got into coaching, why he sweats so much, and whether or not we should Quit Cussin (22:36-59:18). Segments include put one in his earhole for Kevin Durant calling out "Blog Boys" (1:02:51-1:06:28), Sabermetrics for Trevor Bauer's new contract (1:06:29-1:08:33), Embrace Debate would you eat a Dilly Dog (1:08:34-1:12:35), and FAQ's + Explain it to Hank (1:12:36-1:18:30). 
01:20:16 3/29/2018
Big Cat had a perfect bracket and PFT is pretty sure the Caps will win it this year. NFL Free Agency update and where will Odell go? (2:10-10:32) We call Marlins Man to hear his side of his season ticket battle with Derek Jeter and the Marlins (10:34-17:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:27-31:11). Future first round draft pick Josh Allen joins the show to talk about, how tall he is, the whirlwind of the NFL Draft, and what it was like growing up on a farm (32:13-58:35). Segments include Jon Gruden's time machine (1:00:33-1:02:49), Sabermetrics for Baker Mayfield making people laugh (1:02:50-1:04:10), Stay Woke on Ronda Rousey (1:04:11-1:05:31), the world's worst recurring segment "Hashtag Hyphy" (1:05:32-1:07:12) and guys on chicks (1:07:13-1:14:12). 
01:16:44 3/27/2018
Duke has lost and Coach K is sad. Recapping the Elite 8 and the remaining Final Four teams + Leonard Hamilton not fouling so that the FSU Alumni could win a bet (2:10-11:33). Hank, Big Cat, and Bubba bought a HUGE Stanley Cup future that makes them the number 1 fans of the team they invested in (11:34-12:38). Who's back of the week, including porn and the guy who is mad his fake story about having sex with Obama didn't get him on 60 minutes (12:39-21:52). Cubs First Baseman Anthony Rizzo joins the show to talk about the upcoming baseball team, new teammates and why he won't ever text Big Cat back (22:58-37:42). Jaguars CB AJ Bouye joins the show to talk about Coughlin time, giving Blake Bortles a book, and what gives a good defense an edge (38:33-1:00:15). Segments include hot seat update for cricket (1:02:57-1:04:39), PR 101 for Michael Bennet (1:04:40-1:07:02), Hurt or Injured Steph Curry (1:07:03-1:10:05), and the return of Soggy Sorrows for Duke losing in the tournament (1:10:06-1:11:48). 
01:14:27 3/25/2018

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