Bit Cast

Alex pairs up with Metallover Ben, author of Invisible Ties, to talk about their experiences with Fire Emblem's breakthrough hit.

Bit Cast
01:15:05 4/24/2019

Past Episodes

Alex and his brother talk about Final Fantasy, Gunstar Heroes and Lani Minella while talking about Cuphead.
00:29:35 7/10/2019
Alex discovers that Gruntilda is the best Banjo character, while Henry tries to make a case for Tooie being the better game.
00:38:34 7/3/2019
Hop into the backpack while Alex and Henry gush over Banjo-Kazooie, but mainly in regards to Gruntilda.
00:40:24 6/26/2019
Alex and Lace pair up to talk about the new Fire Emblem and decide which of the three houses best suits them.
00:44:37 6/19/2019
Alex pretends to pay attention to Microsoft, Square-Enix, Ubisoft and the rest before talking about Nintendo like always.
00:32:09 6/12/2019
It's been 18 years, let's hear what Alex has to say about Pikmin.
00:27:29 6/5/2019
Alex dips into the world of movie reviewing, to talk about Detective Pikachu.
00:28:37 5/29/2019
Alex finally comes back to Bayonetta 2 after beating the first game. He didn't like the high-octane craziness before, but what does he have to say now?
00:25:36 5/22/2019
Alex recalls the game where Roxas' life turns into a soap opera with ice cream. Guest starring Alfalfa the Roach from the Alfalfa May Cry series.
00:42:18 5/15/2019
Alex is 10 years late to the Bayonetta party. What does he think of it?
00:36:23 5/8/2019

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