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Before You Know It Interview: Hannah Pearl Utt & Jen Tullock

I walked away from the Sundance screening appreciating Before You Know It mostly for its fun and charm, but after a second viewing, I was even more impressed by how strong the film's dramatic beats are. It's a crowd-pleaser with depth that serves as a super effective coming-of-age story in a variety of respects. I was lucky to enough catch up with writer-director-star Hannah Pearl Utt, writer-star Jen Tullock, and their co-stars Judith Light and Mike Colter in Park City earlier this year, but I was especially eager for a longer chat with Utt and Tullock to discuss their extensive collaboration, their lengthy journey with this particular project, have them answer some "Collider Random Questions," and so much more. Check it all out in this video! Before You Know It hits select theaters on August 30th.

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