The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker

Does anything embarrass the Kardashians? Drake drops 2 new albums, we review. Cardi BE the true queen. And, is Selena Gomez done with Hollywood? ??? Follow us on social: @PerezPodcast via Knit

The Perez Hilton Podcast with Chris Booker
00:52:33 7/3/2018

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We recap what was a tough week for California. There is a new pop star accusing Kanye of theft. Ariana is the hottest musician on the planet, but is she still being a little hypocritical? Perez's sister speaks out about his comments about her wedding.
59:42:00 11/13/2018
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00:06:30 11/8/2018
As predicted, the Ariana and Pete split takes it's first turn. Demi is out a rehab and back in LA with a mystery man. Kim K has been around forever and she still hasn't learned a thing. Perez attends his sisters wedding and made it all about him. GO VOTE!
00:58:00 11/6/2018
Amy Schumer responds to something that we said about her on this show. Cardi goes at Nicki again. Should Megyn Kelly have been canned for her opinion? John Mayer gets around.
00:59:08 10/30/2018
Is there a certain high profile couple out there hiding a drug problem? Are things about to get messy with the Pete/Ariana split? Is Hailey scamming Justin? We send love to one of our famous podcast listeners and we've learned of another newer famous fan, sorta.
00:55:17 10/23/2018
Ariana and Pete are kaput, but are they really? Is there trouble in the Bieber marriage already? Xtina calls out Perez and he explains their history that involves Gaga. What's going on with Selena?
01:01:07 10/16/2018
Taylor Swift gets political, but why now? Perez addresses the callers who feel that he's hypocritical with his thoughts about Ariana and Pete. We're still keeping up with the Kanye. Poor Iggy, can she be saved?
00:47:54 10/9/2018
Perez isn't a fan of Pete Davidson being with Ariana and there is just no other way around it.. Booker sees it differently. Lindsay Lohan has upped her wackiness with her latest antics. Kanye is no more as he wants to introduce his new identity. There is a new front runner as the host of The Talk. Thanks from our sponsors: PlutoTV= Never pay for TV again. Download Pluto TV for free on all of your favorite devices today. True Car= When you're ready to buy a new OR used car, visit TrueCar to enjoy a more confident car-buying experience.
00:47:49 10/2/2018
Is the Superbowl halftime show going to be a Super-dud? Machine Gun Kelly is making some claims about himself with Halsey.. is he holding something over her? Pete and Ariana continue to ink up. Tristan's partying ways continue.. And wow, Kanye is a hypocrite.
01:03:14 9/25/2018
Julie Chen's is sticking by her husband, so what does that mean for her tv career? Rihanna upstages a fashion icon, but was she in the wrong for doing so? Booker checks out Eagles and Perez doubts their relevance. And, is Paris Hilton shading Kim K?
00:47:44 9/18/2018

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