College Football Bros

Ask the Bros (7/30/20)

The Bros discuss the ACC's decision to go to an 11-game schedule and answer several questions from the listeners including: How crucial is it for USC, Texas, and Miami to get back to consistent 10+ win seasons? Who are the top coaching candidates to take over at Alabama after Saban retires? If the 2020 season doesn't happen, which team will have missed its best breakthrough opportunity? What G5 teams have a realistic shot at playing in a NY6 bowl this season? Who will start at quarterback for Georgia, Jamie Newman or JT Daniels? How would you rank the Power 5 conferences? Favorite baseball team and player? Rank the order in which you think we will see each of the four major Florida teams (Florida, Florida State, Miami, UCF) make a college football playoff in the future. Would the G5 be better off playing spring football? If the 2006 Rose Bowl is the greatest game of the Bros' lifetime, what's number 2? How feasible would a CFB bubble be?

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