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Are Your Joy Cons Drifting?

Nintendo will now fix your drifting Joy Cons for free, no muss, no fuss. They will even give you a refund if you've paid for it in the past! Nintendo is also upping the number of levels you can upload for Mario Maker 2 from 32 to 64. Sea of Thieves is adding pets to the game "soon" and also adding microtransactions so you can buy pets (and emotes and ship cosmetics). Overwatch is making a HUGE change to the way their matchmaking works by introducing the "Role Queue" system where you will pick a role before you enter a queue. Finally, we got confirmation that we will see some changes to the mainline Switch, in the form of better battery life.

What You're Playing

Adam: Slay the Spire, Sky

Cliff: Far Cry New Dawn


Vinny: What is some of your favorite relationships you have seen in a video game? Can be romantic or not. Kratos and Boy? Master Chief and Cortanta?

JoeColeslaw: Here's something a little more pressing... With EA launching EA access on PS4... What games are what strategy do you see EA using? Looking at a lot of the Xbox titles... They are backwards compatible. With a PS3 generation not doing so well with a physical download for PS4, do you see franchises like dead space or skate being emitted from this service? Do you think Sony and EA are in talks to bring back some of the PS2 Classics? Franchises? Or is this simply going to be the Madden, FIFA, NFL 2019 service?

Eddie: With Mario having a job being a plumber. Who else would you like to see having actual normal jobs. Like mechanic or fed ex delivery person?

Turndwn4wut: In the history of video games what has been your favorite peripheral?

Mansocks: Do you like dinosaurs or ninjas more?

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