Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Podcast

Angela Davis wears many hats: mother, food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer. Her blog, The Kitchenista Diaries, is dedicated to taking home cooked meals to the next level. Join Matt and Michelle as they welcome Angela to the podcast to discuss the old days of food blogs, learning how to delegate and finding the common ground with vegan cuisine. Also, our plant-powered duo covers lunatic vegans in France, the FDA cracking down on non-dairy milk and rose' for men. Check out and use promo code FORKED to get 10% off your mattress order PLUS your free gift! Visit any MedMen location in Southern California and tell them you heard about MedMen on FORKED UP for $10 off your purchase! Go to to get your first refill pack FREE.

Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Podcast
01:01:00 7/25/2018

Past Episodes

Los Angeles chef and restaurateur Jasmine Shimoda joins Matt and Michelle on the pod to share her unique influences, bland macro-biotic food and why her own breakfast burrito frustrates her. Also, our hosts break down stories about discovering a tiger while on weed, the Presidential health report and pink slime getting undeserved recognition.
01:09:00 2/21/2019
Punk rock legend and master orator Henry Rollins joins the podcast this week to talk about life before smartphones, his awkward 2016 Election Night performance and birthday pizza celebrations. Check out Henry's new special KEEP TALKING, PAL through the Comedy Dynamics Network and available on iTunes: Also, Matt & Michelle dive deep into vinegar Valentines, chunky trademarks and the fake Doritos/Cheetos beef. Visit any Med Men location and tell them you heard about them on Forked Up to get 10% off of your purchase.
01:29:00 2/14/2019
Comedian Marcella Arguello stops by to talk about male entitlement, woman crush Wednesdays and her new comedy album THE WOKE BULLY. Also, Matt & Michelle go hard when it comes to Fyre Festival documentaries misidentifying toast, Rachael Ray bringing back a classic and Tyson Foods being shifty with their nuggets Visit any Med Men location and tell them you heard about them on Forked Up to get 10% off of your purchase.
01:12:00 2/7/2019
Model Natalie Alvarado has an obsession with Phil Collins but that's not all she's got going on. Join Matt & Michelle as they chat with Natalie about skin care, the busy life of modeling and armpit obsessions. Also, our hosts dig deep into the candy heart shortage this Valentine's Day, a creative tribute to a potato chip giant and Pintrest's 2019 food trends! Visit any Med Men location and tell them you heard about them on Forked Up to get 10% off of your purchase.
01:08:00 1/31/2019
Comedian Chris DiStefano (MTV, Comedy Central) joins Matt and Michelle this week to talk about his obsession with history, overheard conversations, alien ambassador dinners and Chris's new comedy special 38 INCH WAIST. Also, our hosts get you up to date on beer nutritional facts, the government wanting kids to get fat again and Bon Jovi being a swell dude. Check out for the newest and best in self-help audiobooks.
01:13:00 1/24/2019
Renowned traveller, alcohol imbiber and podcaster Zane Lamprey (ZANE'S WORLD) along with his producer wife Mel, join the show today to talk cults, shot skis, Zane's new show FOUR SHEETS and the danger of too much Negroni. Also, Matt & Michelle commend cancer rates going down and Taco Bell for wanting you to eat your veggies.
01:34:00 1/17/2019
The stars and minds behind the hit Comedy Central show CORPORATE, Jake Weisman and Matt Ingebretson, stop by the podcast to talk about the new season of the show, mining the gallows humor of office work, surviving in Los Angeles and much more. Also, Matt & Michelle cover the further effects of the government shutdown, chickpea issues and airline cookbooks.
01:03:00 1/10/2019
Gina Pollack is a documentarian who takes a deep dive into the work of social media superstars and their affect on commerce as well as young people. Join Matt and Michelle as they chat with Gina about her documentary UNDER THE INFLUENCE for KCET's SoCal Uncensored and how it ties in with the food industry. Also, Matt & Michelle talk about the government shutdown, Chipotle being shifty and an overabundance of cheese.
01:12:00 1/3/2019
Wellness author and podcaster Kimberly Snyder (FEEL GOOD PODCAST) stops by the show to discuss the mental and spiritual benefits of going plant-based as well as why its a "smoothie" and not "juice." Also, Matt & Michelle hash out their New Year's resolutions, put over Del Taco and you wash your avocados?
01:03:00 12/27/2018
Former Canadian music channel personality turned YouTube food blogger Lauren Toyota joins the podcast to talk about her book VEGAN COMFORT CLASSICS, trying to find acceptance into the vegan cooking scene and the challenges of breaking up with your business partner. Elsewhere on the show, Matt & Michelle question the existence of hot beef sundaes and alluring versions of animal food company mascots. Visit to check out the brand new Fossil Gen Four smartwatches. Check out for the newest and best in self-help audiobooks.
01:27:00 12/20/2018

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