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Andrew McCarthy Says Mueller's Russia Investigation Is Winding Down

Andrew McCarthy, contributing editor of National Review and Fox News contributor, joins Ben Domenech to discuss Kavanaugh, the status of the Mueller investigation, and FBI FISA abuse. McCarthy shares his perspective into the Russian investigations and the excuses made by Comey and the DOJ as a former federal prosecutor.

The Federalist Radio Hour
01:00:00 10/8/2018

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Charles Camosy is a pro-life Democrat and professor of Christian Ethics at Fordham University. He believes applying a consistent life ethic to our biggest the political, legal, and moral issues can cut across polarization. Domenech and Camosy discuss abortion, euthanasia, and America's death culture.
01:00:30 6/13/2019
Writer and best-selling author Ann Coulter joins Ben Domenech for a discussion on Trump's immigration failures, the Democrats' plan for impeachment, 2020 candidates, and how voter demographics are rapidly changing. Coulter questions whether Trump can win running on the same campaign promises he made in 2016, and whether the U.S. could really have a president with the name Pete.
00:46:30 6/11/2019
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will joins Ben Domenech to discuss his new book, "The Conservative Sensibility." They discuss how the role of government, the intellectual differences of the American founders, and how progressivism was advanced by figures like Woodrow Wilson.
00:59:30 6/9/2019
Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi debate the power that tech companies have and how they've been inserted in the war on free speech. They dive into the most recent attempts to pursue impeaching the President, William Barr's revealing interview, and all things Russia-gate.
00:50:00 6/6/2019
Congressman Chip Roy is a freshman representative from Texas, who joins Ben in studio for a conversation on the swampiness of D.C. and how to fix the system. They hit issues like the crisis at the border, the disaster relief bill, spending, and healthcare.
00:53:30 6/4/2019
Ambassador David Mulford is a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, and former U.S. Ambassador to India. Mulford weighs in on populism in Indian elections, major concerns over relations with China, Brexit, and his time in India as it emerged as an economic power.
00:51:00 6/2/2019
Bill Whalen is Hoover Institution's Virginia Hobbs Carpenter Research Fellow, a former journalist, and former speechwriter. Ben Domenech and Whalen discuss Robert Mueller's press conference this week and how the Democrats are leaning into impeachment. They also discuss the political landscape in California and the decline of the state's Republicans.
00:49:00 5/30/2019
Niall Ferguson is a historian, author, and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Domenech and Ferguson discuss the rising populism in elections around the world, Brexit, and the election of Trump. Why haven't liberals reflected on the Obama administration? What are better history lessons to look to? And how has Silicon Valley responded to pressure about hate speech?
00:43:00 5/28/2019
John Daniel Davidson, senior correspondent for The Federalist, joins Ben for an update on the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border and what Congress is trying to do about it. They discuss why immigration is an emotional topic for Americans and why there is no easy solution or policy fixes. They also talk through 2020 predictions and current frontrunners.
00:58:00 5/23/2019
Spoilers ahead! Ben Domenech and John Martin discuss the finale of Game of Thrones, the plot pitfalls, and where the show deviated from the books. They also discuss the cultural obsession with GOT, and where that leaves the golden age of television now that it's over.
00:52:00 5/21/2019

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