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7/18 Thurs. Hr. 1: The Russians Got Us, How Much Money Is Rich, and Emoji Emotions

We want to be done with the face app now. Is it true that the Russians are using it to get our information? Is online banking safe? Tics in eyeballs. The lowest note ever sung by a female. You can now sleep in a wiener. How much money do you need to be considered rich? How much money do you need to make to be considered rich by city? Donna is not happy about these new emojis. Neighbors overreacting.

Donna & Steve
00:41:42 7/18/2019

Past Episodes

Could Kevin Bacon be the next Freddie Kruger? We talk about everyone's excuses to get out of plans. Little Debbie has ranked their treats. Steve has an announcement to make about September 5th.
00:46:33 8/23/2019
Taylor Swift's new album LOVER is out now. Steve during the Polar Vortex is in Crop Form. College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Highest Paid Actors. Getting Tipsy: How to get rid of hiccups.
00:47:25 8/23/2019
We recap Day 1 of the State Fair. Things that make us go 'Huh' - An 8-Day Riot over Straw Hats. Miley swears she didn't cheat on Liam. A Bison Rams into a CAR.
00:46:11 8/23/2019
We go through the list of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. Mike Marcotte from Twin Cities Live joins the show to give us State Fair tips. Donna watched more of her new favorite show Songland. Steve had a triple fail last night.
00:43:03 8/22/2019
Throwback Thursday! The Beatles, Credence, Clearwater Revival. and Madonna. Donna watched the American Factory on Netflix and gives her review. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Spiderman. Are you a strong person? What do millionaires splurge on?
00:42:58 8/22/2019
Live from the Minnesota Sate Fair! Steve starts off with his morning state fair story. Donna thinks it is the year of the butterfly. There is a new test that will tell you when you die. Thank you dairy farmers! Lori Loughlin still does not think she did anything wrong. Maddox Pitt is heading to college. We remember our first day of college. Bethany Frankle is leaving RHONY. Watermelon pizza is wrong. We explain Larry King's divorce.
00:37:29 8/22/2019
We bring Bea Arthur on the show to settle our State Fair squabbles. The Millennial X Games. What is something that gives you trouble sleeping the night before. What is the oldest pet?
00:40:21 8/21/2019
Taylor Swift's album is not even out yet but it has already sold a million copies. Her fashion line is also out soon. We learn the difference between cougars and bob cats. Happy Birthday Kenny Rogers! We run through the latest stars that will be on Dancing with the Stars. We detail what we are doing on Twin Cities Live for the fair. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Keanu Reeves. We figure out our TV walkout song. Do you type faster on a computer or phone? Pink is offering a challenge to the internet.
00:42:26 8/21/2019
The weather for the fair looks fantastic. Almost fall like! We are gearing up for our state fair debate today. We love chewing rubber. Kelli Hanson from Twin Cities Live joins the show to ask a very important. There has been a very long fire burning in Australia. Hannah W joins the show and we recap this week of Bachelor in Paradise. Andy Richter saw another guy put his feet where they should not be. Donna's cougar dream is coming true.
00:43:03 8/21/2019
Another climactic conclusion on this week's episode.
00:16:40 8/21/2019

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