Colleen & Bradley

What's the beauty/grooming thing you go cheap on? Paul McGuire Grimes tells us about Stuber, Spiderman: Far From Home, and Stranger Things 3. Crazy, stupid, idiots.

Colleen & Bradley
00:30:44 7/12/2019

Past Episodes

Also, Dirt Alert, 30 Second Pop Culture Challenge, Blind Items including a Spice Girl!, and Trending on Google: Amazon Rain Forest, Popeye's Chicken Sandwich, and Snake in Newark Airport
00:42:47 8/23/2019
'Cheat Day Friday' at The Fair! Also, what are your State Fair food 'must haves'? Plus, 'D-Bags of the Day', and a timely D-Bag apology!
00:41:37 8/22/2019
PLUS: How much time do you REALLY spend cleaning everyday? AND GOOPER SCOOPERS: Thatcher Wine.
00:36:56 8/22/2019
PLUS: Cheat Day Everyday: Blue Barn! D-BAGS: Lena Dunham and the Daily Mail AND LILEY: The latest.
00:00:00 8/22/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND SHAMILA: This publationship isn't lasting past Labor Day...
00:46:24 8/22/2019
PLUS: What's the worst song you've ever heard? AND CSI: Elder orgy!
00:00:00 8/21/2019
PLUS: What's your house meal? COBRA GANG: BRITNEY: She's lonely AND we talk the new cast of DWTS!
00:40:46 8/21/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND Girl Code: Can these people pass it?
00:46:38 8/21/2019
PLUS: What's your irrational fear AND Minnesota is the friendliest state?
00:34:25 8/20/2019
PLUS: EMERGENCY CHEAT DAY: Popeye's chicken sandwich, D-BAGS: Khloe and Katherine or ET AND YAY/NAY: Do you like the word, "lover?"
00:44:23 8/20/2019

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