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Taylor Swift slips in a shot at Scooter Braun during the Amazon Prime day concert. The Beatles first contract sells for $342,000. Lori's theory: secrets and lies, guilt and shame. Nora O'Donnell needs to settle down.

Lori & Julia
00:43:00 7/11/2019

Past Episodes

Big trouble for actor and Scientologist Danny Masterson. Actor Peter Fonda passed away at age 79. Friday picks. Elvis pick-up lines.
00:41:00 8/16/2019
Beat Shazam Woodstock edition. Oh boy, this was nuts. New Oreo flavor we like. You don't have to walk 10,000 steps a day. These apps can be dangerous for teens and younger. FCC proposes a 3-digit national suicide line. This reality turned-down Leo DiCaprio.
00:43:00 8/16/2019
New music from Miley and Taylor. Taylor's song a lot like "Sweet Jane" by The Cowboy Junkies. Miley's is talking about Liam in her's. Why Elvis is still relevant 42 years after his death. Talking TV with Neal Justin from the Star-Tribune.
00:44:00 8/16/2019
The Patrick Swayze documentary. Lori's Theory: can you tell when someone's lying? Marrying multiple times effects men more than women. The best songs of the summer of Woodstock, 1969.
00:42:00 8/15/2019
Have we reached the point of Taylor fatigue? Fans of Harry Potter books are more tolerant. It's National Relaxation Day. Tips on how to do that. We salute the man who invented nachos. BH90210 second episode. Gretchen Carlson gets a job.
00:43:00 8/15/2019
Julia attends her first Mn. United match at Allianz Field. Leah Remini is ending her show that exposed Scientology. Minnesota's little league team features a a very talented girl! Jeffrey Epstein's case keeps getting stranger. Guest is Fiona Davis, author of "The Chelsea Girls".
00:43:00 8/15/2019
Emilia Clarke's cute Christmas movie. The "I Am Patrick Swayze" documentary. Vintage Scandal: Drew Barrymore. Howard Stern has some harsh words for Simon Cowell.
00:43:00 8/14/2019
Pop Culture Jeopardy. The couple on the cover of the Woodstock soundtrack album are still together 50 years later. Cooking sausages in a sauna? Yep. Target is bringing back iconic brands for a short time. Pumpkin Spice Spam is coming. Trouble at Will & Grace.
00:42:00 8/14/2019
Lori finally gets back to kick-boxing class. The Miley/Liam story is a lot of he said-she said. New music from the Jonas Brothers and a cool cover of Cheap Trick's "Surrender" by a country singer. Prince Andrew is in trouble.
00:43:00 8/14/2019
The Diana Ross musical is coming to Broadway. That Lifetime movie about the college admissions scandal. Reality TV star in big tax trouble. Study of Duh - fast food restaurants and heart attacks, posting while your high. Britney Spears loves Target.
00:43:00 8/13/2019

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