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6/13 Thurs. Hr. 2: Big Lies and A Little Chernobyl, Liquor Leaders, and What You Need To Say To Your Partner Tonight

Throwback Thursday! The Beatles, Peter Frampton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and The Temper Trap. Donna is finally catching up on Big Little Lies season 2 and Chernobyl. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Celebrity Liquor entrepreneurs. A bullying bill that we disagree with. 5 important phrases to use in your relationship.

Donna & Steve
00:40:27 6/13/2019

Past Episodes

The trailer for the live action Cats has been released and it is getting roasted on the internet. The trailer for Top Gun: Maverick has been released and we have some questions. What is the current status of body hair for men? We have a Drunk Donna and Stoner Steve session. We replay Alexis' special announcement. Ryan took charge of today's Facebook question.
00:40:46 7/19/2019
Steve found some bangers from the Jonas Brothers and a guy name Blake Rose. We do some research on Pert shampoo. Scott Stapp is blessing us with a new album. Steve has a podcast that could ruin Donna if she listens to it. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Stephen King. What is going on with Area 51? How to be a better listener. Why swearing is good for you.
00:40:36 7/19/2019
Steve makes an amazing discovery about Donna about what she is before the show. Steve broke a show rule and we lambaste him. Chris Martin and daylight savings time have a lot in common. Umbrellas were not popular to begin with. The Lion King remake has been released and the critics are being a bit harsh on it. Donna insists we have a toilet seat conversation.
00:40:17 7/19/2019
Donna and Ryan are all caught up on Big Little Lies and thought it was the best episode yet. Donna tells us about her Spider Man experience. How many people want to live somewhere else? What makes the perfect neighborhood? The most listened to song in the UK. Why Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are done fighting. We get a behind the scenes looks at the new Cats film. A new song from Miranda Lambert. We take a listen to the latest Carpool Karaoke trailer. What is something you don't worry about that other people do?
00:41:11 7/18/2019
Throwback Thursday! Ike and Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, The Beastie Boys, and Dashboard Confessional. Game of Thrones actors nominated themselves for Emmy's and it worked. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Movies about space. The moon landing is pretty crazy if you think about it. Where are the best international places to retire?
00:40:56 7/18/2019
We want to be done with the face app now. Is it true that the Russians are using it to get our information? Is online banking safe? Tics in eyeballs. The lowest note ever sung by a female. You can now sleep in a wiener. How much money do you need to be considered rich? How much money do you need to make to be considered rich by city? Donna is not happy about these new emojis. Neighbors overreacting.
00:41:42 7/18/2019
We have reached our weekly Stranger Things Quota. The Simpsons are getting in on the Stranger Things craze. Many short vacations or one long vacation? The Millennial X Games! What is something your siblings did that got blamed on you?
00:40:22 7/17/2019
We take another listen to one of Jeremy Renner's song and it is so good! A guy waits 30 hours to see Garth Brooks at a dive bar. We are guilty of doing something similar. Ed Sheeran has a statue made for him in Moscow. Steve is checking out this podcast about multi level marketing. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: 2019 Emmy Nominations. Steve gives some cable advice. Where to get hot dogs on national hot dog day.
00:43:37 7/17/2019
Happy National Hotdog day! We of course get into an argument about food. There is drama with the old face app here at myTalk. How many calories are in a single human? Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are engaged. Jeremy Renner is actually a talented singer. Bruce Springsteen may be a new EGOT. Steve is having some issue with it. Donna is trying to find a documentary and reveals she paid 20 dollars for a movie. Target is already selling Halloween stuff. Keep your feet to yourself.
00:40:37 7/17/2019
A short and sweet game this week with a clear and concise winner.
00:14:50 7/17/2019

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