Colleen & Bradley

6/12 Wed Hr 1: THREE LAYER CAYK: We're gonna take you through three levels of heck...

PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND CHONAS BONUS: Priyanka is acting as us when we were CHILDREN!

Colleen & Bradley
00:41:20 6/12/2019

Past Episodes

PLUS: PUBLAIONSHIP: What we get the stories we get AND CSI: Lotto ticket.
00:34:24 7/19/2019
PLUS: Our hot takes on the CATS trailer, D-BAGS: Hollywood brings back NASH BRIDGES AND Netflix loses money but possibly gains a superstar!
00:43:56 7/19/2019
PLUS: Alexis has a surprise, Britney keeps Instagramming, Donna has the Dirt Alert AND the week in Google Trend!
00:00:00 7/19/2019
PLUS: CHONAS BONUS: How do Priyanka and Meghan keep their friendship alive? AND CSI: Strip club.
00:32:55 7/18/2019
PLUS: Would you live in a house where a murder took place? PUBLATIONSHIOP: Irina's new man. AND Instagram is playing with your likes.
00:43:01 7/18/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND Colleen wants to ride the Wienermobile.
00:44:57 7/18/2019
PLUS: What's the series from your childhood that only YOU remember? AND GOOPER SCOOPERS: Goop's new friend.
00:30:05 7/17/2019
PLUS: CHONAS BONUS: They wore the same outfit! D-Bags: Meghan and Tristan AND the passing of a GOLDEN GIRLS star.
00:43:06 7/17/2019
PLUS: How can Team CoBra be more diva-like?! Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert AND :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item.
00:46:26 7/17/2019
PLUS: What's your favorite family food restaurant? AND COBRA GANG: Britney's treadmill workout and a floral phonebooth.
00:34:29 7/16/2019

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