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Ali Wong talks 'Always Be My Maybe,' Keanu Reeves weird laugh, and how the support of her Father impacted her. The Duchess of Sussex to edit the September Issue of British Vogue. We're eating 50,000 particles of plastic at any given moment!

Lori & Julia
00:41:11 6/11/2019

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There's already a porn parody of "The Lion King". Looks like Harry Styles will be cast in "The Little Mermaid". Charges against Kevin Spacey dropped. Vintage Scandal: Who was Lauren Bissette?
00:42:00 7/17/2019
Pop culture Jeopardy. A really dumb criminal story. What the heck are lava nails? A giant squid bigger than the size of a human spotted in England. The Beverly Hills reunion. Elon Musk's weird idea.
00:40:00 7/17/2019
A&E's JFK Jr. special was very moving. Lori watches more trashy TV so we don't have to. Think twice about downloading Face App. The Lion King video is impressive. Janet Jackson coming in September. Guest is singer-songwriter Pamela McNeil.
00:42:00 7/17/2019
Beyonce talks about the music from The Lion King. Study of Duh: tweeting while watching a TV show reduces your enjoyment of that show. Seeing nature outside your window improves your mood. New song from Avril Lavigne.
00:43:00 7/16/2019
Kirsten Dunst's new show on Showtime looks interesting. The Twin Cities area leads the nation in volunteering. The right way to eat chocolate. These things attracts mosquitoes. The Titanic controversy. Austin Butler can really sing.
00:41:00 7/16/2019
There was a brilliant rainbow after last night's storm. Remembering the day John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane went down 20 years ago today. Emmy nominations came out today. Guests are Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit from the Guthrie's "Guys & Dolls".
00:42:00 7/16/2019
Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie talk about "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". Sex Monday: guys who send these kind of selfies think highly of themselves. When is it too soon to say "I love you"?
00:41:00 7/15/2019
No third season for "Big Little Lies". We agree with that decision. "Mindhunter" will return in August. The story of the women who built the moon landing space suits. $500 for a new passport in 24 hours. The new Elvis has been cast.The Blair Witch Project turns 20.
00:42:00 7/15/2019
Weekend Claims to Fame: Lori and Julia has a blast at the Bascilica Block Party. Donny check out "The Good, The Bad & The Funky" at P.D. Pappy's. That amazing Wimbledon men's final. Beyonce and Jay-Z meet Harry and Megan. Post Malone in concert here September.
00:42:00 7/15/2019
Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio talk about being on "Growing Pains" 30 years ago. Trouble on the "Big Little Lies" set. Friday picks. Sophia Loren has a small part in an Italian movie.
00:41:00 7/12/2019

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