The Five of My Life (AUS)

Kevin Rudd has had a long, distinguished, tumultuous and much analysed political career, having held the title of Prime Minister on TWO separate occasions. Kevin is a complex and driven character, which combined with his numerous achievements makes him one of the most fascinating public figures of Australian Politics.

The Five of My Life (AUS)
00:35:58 11/5/2018

Past Episodes

Charles Firth is a comedian, writer, producer, TV & Radio host and most notably a member of the loved political comedy group - The Chaser.

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00:29:44 11/26/2018
Sarah Wilson has had a high profile, successful and varied career. Her many roles have included hosting the TV show Masterchef, editing Cosmopolitan magazine and being the brains behind ,and face of, the I Quit Sugar movement. A bestselling author, recently she has written powerfully about anti-materialism and movingly about her own challenges with anxiety
00:35:41 10/15/2018
Osher GŁnsberg is one of Australia's most recognisable and loved media personalities. Currently on our screens as the host of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise , Osher has recently written a heartfelt and revealing memoir ,'Back after the break' ,that shows a very different side to the one on television as does this conversation.
00:37:15 9/24/2018
Gus Worland is amongst other things a father, husband and sports nut. He is also one of Australia's most prolific and popular media personalities having made numerous TV programmes and hosted over 2,00 breakfast radio shows
00:38:34 9/5/2018
Layne Beachley is one of the most remarkable athletes Australia has ever produced. She is a genuine star on the global stage having won the world surfing championships an incredible 7 times
00:35:59 9/5/2018
Todd Sampson is an adventurer, award winning documentary maker, ex ad agency CEO, Co creator of Earth Hour, television presenter of a number of Australia's most critically acclaimed and highest rating shows and a board director of both Qantas and Fairfax
00:33:15 9/5/2018
The Five of My Life with Nigel Marsh - Coming soon to PodcastOne
00:01:27 8/26/2018

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