The Beer Show

The folks from Elevated and Growler Magazine join the show today!

The Beer Show
00:00:00 5/14/2019

Past Episodes

09/19 Reuvers chats with the boys from Elevated Beer Wine and Spirits and special guest Utepils brewing.
00:39:30 9/18/2019
Ben Quam from Bent Paddle joins the show.
00:00:00 9/11/2019
09/06 Another special edition of The Beer Show: Town Ball edition. Myself and Jeremy Stender recap the thrilling 2019 State Amateur baseball tournament.
00:55:03 9/5/2019
Larry Bell from Bell's Brewery joins the show.
00:00:00 9/4/2019
08/28 Reuvers and Joe Grote give a special edition of the Beer Show today and discuss the Mn State Amateur Baseball Tournament and of course the Faribault Lakers.
00:44:13 8/27/2019
Mike and Chris are live from the Great Minnesota Get Together
00:00:00 8/27/2019
The folks from Bent Paddle and Shell join Chris and Mike for the first day of the Great Minnesota Get Together!
00:00:00 8/21/2019
The boys from Fitger's Brewhouse joined Reuvers and Frattelone tonight.
00:49:00 8/7/2019
Elevated Brewing talks about their app.
00:00:00 7/31/2019
Some of the folks from Big Wood Brewery joins the show.
00:00:00 7/24/2019

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