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49ers GM John Lynch + Mount Rushmore Of Water

We're back in studio and ready to catch up on all we missed. Stop the Josh Allen/Bortles slander, Bob Wylie is the star of Hard Knocks and we're trailblazers because we got fired from ESPN before it became cool (2:27 - 10:04). Whose back of the week (10:04 - 17:51). Mt Rushmore of Water (17:51 - 31:07). 49ers GM John Lynch joins the show to talk about the Jimmy G trade, asking Belichick about trading for Brady, his playing career with Warren Sapp, and how he deals with the doubters of his roster construction (31:07 - 50:34). Segments include Respect the Biz Doug Pederson, Sorry not Sorry Trevor Bauer, Hurt or Injured for the UFC fighter with a torn scrotum, Embrace Debate Napkins or Paper Towels, and our newest segment "Monday Reading". This week we read Ohio State's findings on the Urban Meyer scandal.

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