Fearlessly Create

#36 - How to Make Your Creative Vision Happen with Limited Resources

Pascal (@ThePascalShow) is the executive producer/Host of his own television show called The Pascal Show and morning show called Pascal in the Morning live in which he has the honor of creating a late night variety talk show that includes skits, live music, and interviews with celebrities that span from Cardinals Baseball Hall of Fame Ozzie Smith to television/film actor True Blood's Nelsan Ellis and the list keeps on growing! Pascal is an actor/writer/director/producer based out of St. Louis. Graduating from New York University with his degree in film and theater, he has continued in strengthening his filmmaking talents through penning and directing viral music videos such as Vega Heartbreak's "Go Cards Rally Song", hilarious skits like "A Cardinals Fan's Reaction to the Cubs Winning the World Series", and running a crime/thriller web series called MISSING.

This is his first season being an in game emcee for the Blues and he couldn't be more excited about being a part of the family!


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