City vs. Country

3 vs 12

Matt from Mill Creek is an electrician who's been catfished before so he wants to meet girls the old fashioned way: face to face. We introduce him to Country Girl Christie from Puyallup and City Girl Alana who lives in Fremont. Country Girl Christie wants to show Matt the true Washington State Fair experience from a real Puyallup native. She has friends at all the booths and can show him the real food, games and rides. Plus they will go to the Rodeo and then the Dancing in the Dirt Concert with the Cadillac 3. But City Girl Alana has a pretty hot ticket too: she and two of her girls have an extra ticket the Seahawks opener on Sunday. She says her girl gang knows how to do it right with a few tailgates including Hawk Alley. And if they don't party too hard during the game they could hit Elysian or some others bars afterward. Which girl would you pick? Which one does Matt pick? And which date will involve more things on sticks?

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