Cyber Chat with Sean Kelley

2019 technology priorities from Congress and private industry

Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) said he hoped for more bipartisan support in 2019 for major issues like cybersecurity and transportation.

Cyber Chat with Sean Kelley
00:27:58 1/24/2019

Past Episodes

Retired Brigadier General and former federal Chief Information Security Officer Greg Touhill joined Sean Kelley, host of CyberChat, to discuss the future of cybersecurity.
00:27:58 5/21/2019
Mark Groman, former senior White House advisor for privacy, tells CyberChat he believes incentives for data security have so far been wrong
00:27:58 4/11/2019
Any mention of an organization and insider threat in the same sentence generally conjures up an image of information being stolen by an employee ? which is precisely the image Michael Theis and Matt Moynahan want to change. Cyber Chat Host Sean Kelley sat down with Moynahan, CEO of ForcePoint and Theis, Chief Counterintelligence Expert at Carnegie Mellon University's CERT Insider Threat Center.
00:27:59 3/14/2019
Charles Sun, government executive and IPv6 expert appeared on Cyber Chat with host Sean Kelley to discuss infrastructure, IPv4 and the need for quicker adoption of IPv6.
00:27:57 2/13/2019
In this edition of Cyber Chat with Sean Kelley, Sean sits down with Dr. Suzanne Schwartz, associate director for Science & Strategic Partnerships at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, and Christopher Butera, deputy director for Cyber Threat Detection and Analysis at the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center.
00:27:58 1/2/2019
In this edition of CyberChat, host Sean Kelley, former CISO of EPA, digs into cloud offerings, security and compliance and how Silicone Valley startups can help the government with cybersecurity and innovation.
00:28:00 12/5/2018
The 2016 elections left a swirl of unanswered questions around election security. In a two-part series, host Sean Kelley discusses with experts from the election community what they learned from the previous election season.
00:27:59 11/1/2018
The 2016 elections left a swirl of unanswered questions around election security. In a two-part series, host Sean Kelley discusses the state of cybersecurity as it pertains to the election of our future leaders.
00:27:58 10/24/2018
Cyber Chat's Host Sean Kelley sat down with Dr. Neal Evans, the chief officer for the Office of Connected Care in the Veterans Health Administration at the Veterans Affairs Department.  
00:27:59 9/11/2018

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