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1/22/19 Special Feature Part 2: MEND Jewelry LIVE from Fourpost at Mall of America (ep. 125)

Jordyn DiOrio went from being a project manager in the tech industry to making gorgeous, intentional gemstone jewelry. Find out how this 25 year old secured venture capital funding for her business. (ep. 125, pt. II)

Makers of Minnesota
00:00:00 1/21/2019

Past Episodes

Recap 11: Amy Quale of Wise Ink Publishing (ep.29) has helped over 400 books get written and published since she joined us back in 2016. What trends are they seeing in the world of self-publishing and content creation now?
00:00:00 2/19/2019
Tyler Lorenzen is president of his families business, PURIS that produces plant-based pea protein, non-GMO sustainable food ingredients to promote healthier eating through practices that are safe for animals & the environment. (ep. 129)
00:34:00 2/18/2019
Dan Oskey took his love of hospitality and spirits and turned it into Tattersall Distilling with his lifelong friend Jon Kreidler. Their Bitter Orange Liqueur Won gold at the American Craft Spirits Association this year. (ep.128)
00:23:40 2/10/2019
Laura Roos is the founder of the gift box company Minny & Paul (ep 22) that features exclusive Minnesota Makers. How has the Maker world changed with the backdrop of all the maker pop-ups in the last few years? Hear Laura's thoughts as we recap her business - and Get a Promotional Code for Valentine's Day for free shipping on a box..
00:04:00 2/4/2019
My Founder Story empowers female leaders to lead with their WHY and communicate it with conviction, providing the foundation for entrepreneurial success. The founder, Chris Olsen joins us with Junita Flowers, founder of Junita's Jar cookies who developed her mission driven business to bake hope into every cookie purchase helping women live their best lives and put an end to domestic violence. MakersofMN welcomes My Founder Story as a podcast sponsor and we will feature a Founder story once a month. (ep. 127)
00:00:00 2/4/2019
Creed Interactive was founded by Jonathan Anderstrom and his wife after the 2007 recession to help create smart, interactive technology that is highly developed and looks great. (ep.126)
00:00:00 1/27/2019
We had the opportunity to speak with Celestine Pueringer LIVE at her pop-up store in Fourpost at Mall of America where she is selling wood, plastic, leather and paper products made with a high tech laser she mastered at the University of Minnesota. (ep. 125, pt. I)
00:00:00 1/21/2019
Hagen and Oats founders Nikki and Anna are sisters who found their love of crafting and power tools were the makings of a Minnesota Made business. (ep. 125)
00:00:00 1/14/2019
ModernWell was created by Julie Burton as a women-centered collaborative work space that balances your personal needs of creating community with your work life-balance. (ep. 123)
00:00:00 1/7/2019
Jon Wipfli's catering and food business, The Minnesota Spoon, helped him incubate the techniques and recipes that have become the hottest barbecue truck in town, Animales Barbeque. (ep. 122)
00:00:00 12/31/2018

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