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Katie K9 is joined by Guest Bonnie Illies a pet energy healer, and Katie K9 gives you tips on what to do for your dog during fireworks and takes your pet question on tick treatment. 

Katie K9 on MyTalk
00:44:00 6/16/2019

Past Episodes

We discuss how to get rid of a "moldy" smell in a dog. Other topics include: loss of training in a dog and a dog that is territorial barking. We talk to Rebecca Bell about the importance of having a pet trust.
00:45:21 7/14/2019
We discuss the update on the grain free diets. Other topics include: overweight dogs, how to stimulate your dog's minds, adopting/purchasing a new dog and a puppy needing to work on his obedience.
00:46:04 7/14/2019
We briefly talk about DCM in grain free foods as well as the "trade" technique to get things out of our pet's mouths. Other topics include: a dog with bumps on it's sides, a dog that is mounting other things and a pup that is licking/chewing its paws.
00:45:44 7/7/2019
More information on DCM is discussed. Other topics include: a dog that becomes dead weight when going out to potty, 12 yr-old dog gained weight and now having potty issues, we go deeper into Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), follow up on fireworks, and a dog with a staph infection.
00:48:31 7/7/2019
Dr. Jess Levy, Holistic Vet is in studio with us today. We discuss events that happened during the week. Other topics include: mutt muffs, other forms of protection for your pets' ears, CBD oil, raw=meat, bone and fat and torn ACLs.
00:46:38 6/30/2019
Dr. Levy stays with us for the second hour! Topics include: a cat's nasal passage and teeth issues, introducing raw food to a kitten, dog nipping, dog with a balding spot that's increasing, NutriSource "recall" and a doodle that fights on introductions.
00:46:38 6/30/2019
We discuss events that are happening during the week. We have Shay from Organic Lawns by Lunseth to talk about how to protect your lawn and pets. Topics include: update on a dog with constipation, pesticide vs. herbicide and a miniature schnauzer's behavior issues.
00:43:47 6/23/2019
Shay from Organic Lawns by Lunseth stays with us to talk about the proper way to keep your lawns nice and your pets safe. Other topics include: cat refusing food, how to fix creeping charlies and the importance of reseeding.
00:45:58 6/23/2019
Katie K9 takes your pet questions on freeze dried food, antibiotics and probiotics, invisible fence training, and constipated cat.
00:44:00 6/16/2019
We talk to a caller that has a dog showing aggressive behavior. Other topics include: is it good to get a companion for an already existing cat, getting dogs to chew raw bones and a dog with anal sack carcinoma.
00:45:50 6/2/2019

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