Katie K9 on MyTalk

Katie K9 is joined by Guest Bonnie Illies a pet energy healer, and Katie K9 gives you tips on what to do for your dog during fireworks and takes your pet question on tick treatment. 

Katie K9 on MyTalk
00:44:00 6/16/2019

Past Episodes

We discuss events that are happening within the community. Topics include: proper types of kennels, grain-free diets, dog that goes crazy from delivery services, dog got into rat poison, natural pain killer-boswellia and appropriate treats for your pets.
00:43:04 9/8/2019
We discuss the proper kennels to use and HOW to use it with your pets. We talk with a couple who is having trouble with their kitten bonding with their other cat. Other topics include: an aggressive dog, a Boxer that is nipping and vaccines and potty training.
00:46:07 9/8/2019
We are LIVE at the State Fair with Dr. Jessica Levy, holistic vet. Topics include: chronic ear infections, check list of allergies, appropriateness for putting animals on opioids and more about allergies within dogs.
00:48:05 9/1/2019
Our second weekend at the MN State Fair!! Topics include: seasonal allergies in pets, dog with fishy smelling breath, dog with arthritis, pack status changing, a dog barking and growling at others and a dog with kidney disease.
00:48:20 9/1/2019
LIVE from the Great MN Get Together!! Topics include: grain free diets in dogs, cat with a urinary issue, cat with a prescription diet/any alternatives, ShihPoo puppy questions, rescue that barks at other dogs, can poison ivy be transferred from human to pet?
00:44:20 8/25/2019
LIVE from the Great MN Get Together!! Topics include: male cat being assertive towards female cat, playing tug-a-war with a pup, Corgi that jumps and an Australian Shepard that doesn't like to play.
00:44:14 8/25/2019
We discuss how the Great MN Get Together is just around the corner. Other topics include: how we should be storing our pet food, ACL injury in a 3 yr old dog, food recommendation, dog with diarrhea and a dog that is eating another dogs poo.
00:45:07 8/18/2019
We discuss what your dogs should be chewing on. Other topics include: dog who's back end isn't strong, best cat food, dog with fear aggression and a hematoma in the ear of a dog.
00:43:55 8/18/2019
We talk about cat diabetes. Other topics include: an older cat and new kitten food/litter issues, a hint for small dogs in the winter, the information about how carbs feed diabetes and a dog that doesn't like the husband.
00:44:11 8/11/2019
We discuss what to do when a dog is mounting you or someone else. Stomp Out Suicide is happening next weekend. Other topics include: vaccines and diet information and a potty and obedience issue in a 7 month old pup.
00:43:43 8/11/2019

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