City vs. Country

We Kill What We Eat!

Matt from Kent is our latest bachelor up to meet a City girl and a Country girl. He is a graphic artist who says he's 6ft tall, and a self-described "pretty cool dude" We introduce Matt, short for Matthew to Amanda from Greenwood. She's our City girl and her date has the two of them taking a romantic paddle boat trip and a picnic with some bubbly. After that she wants to take an Uber to a club for some cocktails and night life. Not to be outdone by a boat, our Country Girl Christina from Mukilteo says she's taking Matt straight to the shooting range. This farm raised country girl says you've got to kill your own food to earn it. And She'll even clean it and grill if for Matt if he chooses her. Will Matt pick a romantic date on the water with our City girl, or will he take up arms with our Country girl? And will he make a connection with the one he picks? Find out right here in the complete episode.

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