In and Around The House

In And Around The House November 3rd 2018

In and Around The House
01:55:36 11/2/2018

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Listen to the guys talk about turf management and mulch in your garden beds. Also, they talk about the three step lawn treatment, and weed prevention steps you can take, perfect time as spring is just a few days way! Listen in as our guest this week, Howard and Jeff from Mees Distributors talk about ceramic tiles in your garden spaces!
02:07:06 3/18/2019
In this week's podcast, the guys have a few guests in the studio with them! Listen in as they talk about seeds and fruit trees!
02:10:36 3/9/2019
Tony is out of the studio, so listen to Bob and Alex as they take over IAATH this weekend! Also, We are excited to have two guests in the studio this morning! We will have Todd Beaton from Beaton Nursery, and we will have Jason from Herrmann Services! Listen in for all of your plant questions and plumbing questions!
01:52:46 3/2/2019
Listen as the guys talk about the Home and Garden show here in Cincinnati, Ohio! Tony will be at the show and he is very excited! Also, this is Bob's first official show with IAATH! Ryan, from Arlinghaus Heating and Air joins us this week and talks about problems in the home. Listen as he gives good insight to avoid costly repairs for your furnace and air conditioning.
02:10:49 2/25/2019
Is the flu season over yet, possibly not! Listen as we have Dr. Amy Haney from St. Elizabeth Physicians talk about the flu and why chicken noodle soup is the best at home remedy. Also we have Margie from Bushelman Supply, as she explains new trends and must haves for this spring.
02:12:50 2/15/2019
Its Valentines day and the guys are here to help! Listen as they give you advice on Valentines day flowers. Also, the Buxus Boxwood is our plant of the week, and in the studio with us is Tim Mallory from Advantage Roofing. Listen in as he gives us advice on our roofs this winter and spring seasons.
02:04:00 2/10/2019
With spring coming early this year, Tony and Bob talk about winter seeding for your lawns! Take in helpful notes and tips on how to make your lawn stand out this coming spring. Also, what's bugging Tony about ordering plants online? Listen as some callers tell us their experiences with online shopping for plants.
02:15:43 2/3/2019
What's making Tony and Bob buzzing this time on IAATH? Listen as we have multiple guests from round the city talk with us! We have Jason from Herrmann Services talking about preventing pipe freezes in the winter months, Ryan from Arlington House, as he talks about protecting your roof in the winter months, and our in-studio guest, Justina Block from Osmia Bee Company, as she talks to us about bee keeping and the importance of bees in our community.
02:11:56 1/27/2019
The guys are back together for this episode of IAATH! Also, the boat show is in town, and my callers call in with their favorite plants to win free tickets! Listen to Tony and Bob as they talk about privacy options for your house. Also on the show is guests of Tony's.
02:11:19 1/20/2019
Tony Works decided he's skipping town on this snowy weekend, so Bob and Darlene Cooper host IAATH this week! Listen as they talk shade perennials and a caller calls in with questions about grass. Listen to Bob and Darlene as they explain to him how he should take care of this grass growing problem.
02:17:20 1/14/2019

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