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Covering All the Bases takes on MLB topics with an occasional St. Louis spin. Travis Green, executive producer of the Bernie Miklasz Show, and former MLB scout Charlie Meyer analyze the intricacies of the game while keeping it light and fun.


Cardinals Struggle All Around to Start Season

- Has the Cardinals slow start changed our minds at all about this...- Has the Cardinals slow start changed our minds at all about this team being a playoff contender?
- Offensive struggles has Travis concerned and Charlie tries to talk him off the ledge
- Should we be surprised by defensive struggles
- When do you worry about slow starts and reward hot starts? Randal Grichuk vs. Jose Martinez
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34:22 4/20/2017

Past Episodes

-Cardinals a sleeper for Jose Quintana? What would it take to get him?
-Assessing the Kolten Wong situation why his comments wont play well in the locker room? Will he be a Cardinal at the end of the season?
-Charlie and Travis discuss the Yadier Molina situation and why theres a big difference between resigning him and other Cardinal stars from the past
-A preview of the 2017 Cardinals season why the feel this year coming out of camp should turn into a better season over/under 90 win?
-Prediction on Team MVP, Pitcher of the Year, and Bounce back player of the year for the Cardinals
41:00 3/31/2017
-Yadi's success in the World Baseball Classic
-Assessing Bengie Molina's comments on MLB Network Radio - is Bengie speaking as a big brother? Or is he saying what Yadi wants to say?
-The World Baseball Classic and why it caught our word; FUN...stop telling these players to cut down on celebrations, they put a lot of work into their jobs they deserve to celebrate naturally
-Why Carlos Martinez is the right guy to start Opening Day and what kind of message it sends in giving him the start
-Predicting the NL Division and Wild Card winners
-Predicting the AL Division and Wild Card winners
-World Series Prediction - WE DIDN'T PICK THOSE STINKIN' CUBS
- What should we pay attention to in Spring Training? What should we note and what should we ignore?
- Good first impression on Dexter Fowler
- What does Michael Wacha's spring success mean?
- What makes Wacha so unhittable when he is on?
- How crucial is the Cardinals' pitching success if they can carry over from Spring?
- John Mozeliak deserves credit for his wait and see approach with fourth outfield spot
- Jose Martinez success
- Outfield depth in the Cards system and how it equips Mo with potential chips for trade deadline
46:22 3/15/2017
Plenty of news from Cardinals Spring Training
Travis and Charlie give their first reaction to the Alex Reyes injury
How the Reyes injury affects the Cards this year and does it hurt them more next year than this?
Alex Reyes not being penciled into the rotation by Mo. Are we okay with that?
The outlook of the Cards bullpen
Sandy Alcantera and his potential impact on the bullpen
Trevor Rosenthal and how important he is for the 2017 Cardinals
Assessing the 3rd base competition and why Jhonny Peralta must win
Mike Matheny's maturity as a manager is showing as he ventures into more fun with the Cardinals
47:46 2/27/2017
-PECOTA projections have Cardinals at 76 wins. Do we agree?
-Initial reaction to the projections and what would have to go wrong for that to come to fruition
-Alex Reyes not being penciled into the rotation by Mo; Are we okay with that?
-Wacha will need to be a big part of saving Alex Reyes innings
-Charlie makes his case for Lance Lynn as most pivotal Cardinal in 2017
-Travis makes his case for Carlos Martinez
-Charlie makes the case for Randal Grichuk as most pivotal position player
-Travis makes the case for Aledmys Diaz
-Why is MLB constantly obsessed with the pace of play initiatives?
-Reaction to baseball's latest proposals of changing the strike zone and putting a runner at 2nd to start the inning in extra innings
-Assessing the Cardinals penalty with HackGate
-Thoughts on what was gained and how it affects the Cards image
-Cardinals get 4 players named to MLB.coms Top 100 prospects
-Carson Kelly his potential and the potentially awkward situation the Cards could find themselves in with Yadi and Kelly soon
-Overall Cards system replenishing which may be silver lining in losing draft picks to Astros
-Cardinals relying on OBP in 2017
-Does it concern you that Mo called the 4th spot evolutionary
-Quick preview of the Cardinals most pivotal player
53:23 2/2/2017
-Takeaways from the 2017 Hall of Fame class
-Alleged PED users - is the stance softening?
-Will Pete Rose ever make it?
-Next Year's Class and all the Atlanta Braves going in
-Adding another LH bat in the Outfield
-Kolten Wong - is he one of the biggest keys of 2017?
-What are Wong's biggest hurdles to overcome
-Yadier Molina - is this the year his playing time decreases? Should there be concern over his playing time?
-Carson Kelly named the #1 catching prospect
50:16 1/19/2017
-Any worry with starting pitcher playing in World Baseball Classic?
-Why guys like Alex Reyes and Carlos Martinez pitching in the WBC may be more worrisome than others
-The difference between WBC and regular Spring Training workload
-Do the Cardinals have a shutdown ace entering 2017? Is Carlos Martinez that guy?
-What Martinez has to do to prove he can be an ace?
-Plethora of power bats still on free agent market, why?
-Does Brandon Moss intrigue us as an option for the Cards to bring back?
-Breaking down the Brian Dozier rumor
-Minnesota just trying to drum up extra interest in Dozier
-Where would he fit? Lets stop acting like players can just move positions with ease. He's a 2nd baseman not a 3rd baseman
-Breaking down the Edwin Encarnancion deal for the Indians and why it makes sense for them
-Breaking down the recent ranking of the top 20 Cardinals minor leaguers
-Do you like the idea of MLB players being signed early in the careers? Giving players deals before they hit free agency? Will Carlos Martinez be extended?
-Charlie Meyer is getting married!
51:47 1/2/2017

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