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Cover Your Assets with Todd Rooker

Cover Your Assets with Todd important can social media be for you?

LinkedIn...Facebook...whatever you use online can be very beneficial for you but you must learn how to use it! Todd welcomes in Drew Schmitz of Blue Octopus, a great recruiter of talent who uses those sites regularly and will help link you back in big time! Look him up... Blue Drew Octopus, or email him at, or call him at 612-234-2175.
00:00:00 4/12/2019

Past Episodes

Todd Rooker is here to provide excellent insight on SKOR North
00:00:00 4/5/2019 we did it again! Mark Brattvet of Home Rental Systems joins Todd one more time live in the studio to talk about renting for income, renting to own...and all things renting! Eliminate capitol a place to own and then buy when your ready!
00:00:00 3/29/2019
Todd welcomes in our renting Property Management expert Mark Brattvet from Home Rental Systems. They specialize in higher end renting...not only here in this area, but also in some great parts of Florida. They specialize in helping all ways of managing things for you. Thinking about buying some property in Florida...listen to Mark today! call him at 612-701-4375 or check out
00:00:00 3/22/2019
Lots of answers here...but its up to you ask the questions when taking a job...buying a house...renting a place...where to put your 401k investments...and on and on and on.....
00:00:00 3/15/2019
One thing about this show CYA, Todd brings in guests that always have a great story to tell...and today Noalani Doffing tells of a young woman's struggles and triumphs in the financial industry to be where she is today and who or what helped her down that path of success!! Insurance brokers can find her at 612-747-2209...or
00:00:00 3/8/2019
Its a great week on CYA...because Nick Foulks from Great Waters Financial joins Todd and wow do these guys know their stuff! Nick is fantastic and especially during tax season, he points out so much info today that you should know about for your investments and upcoming retirement and how the tax changes will come in to play!
00:00:00 3/1/2019
Todd welcomes in a non-profit group today as two ladies from Pause4Paws are in to talk about the great work they do helping rescue dogs and cats all over MN so people can adopt them! Jill Goldstein and Jennifer Ryan talk about some great events coming up to help raise money for these animals so if your a pet and animal lover they could use your help!! Get this, they have rescued over 35,000 dogs and cats! Go to for all the info.
00:00:00 2/22/2019
No matter how long you have owned a still have a lot to learn and this valuable free hour from expert Todd Rooker is a must! Business and cash flow management is a key to success and also one of the biggest failures. Should you have a joint bank account? Should you co-mingle funds? How are you set up for taxes? Make this show your business!
00:00:00 2/15/2019
CYA and Todd love to tell some great success stories, and today is one of them. Erik Therwanger, a former Marine, caregiver, has worked a few different jobs, and now speaks to groups about Leadership and how he got thru the tough times in his life to be where he is today. He speaks of his super interesting life story! Check out for more!
00:00:00 2/8/2019
Great Waters week is always the first Saturday of the month...and Todd stepped up big time today to talk about something we all think about and possibly worry about....Retirement! All brought to you by the great folks at Great Waters Financial at
00:00:00 2/1/2019

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