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Conscious TalkRadio - 03 - 22 - 19 - Dr. Neil Nathan

Topic: Toxic food, toxic air and water... these are challenges we've become all too familiar with. But what about toxic Mold? Are you aware how it might be the underlying cause of a lot of disease... and your doctor may not be aware of it? We'll talk to Dr. Neil Nathan, author of TOXIC: Heal Your body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness. Website(s):,
00:53:45 3/22/2019

Past Episodes

Topic: Did you know that "why" you do something may be more important than "what" you do. We'll talk to May McCarthy, author of "The Gratitude Formula" and "The Path to Wealth" about the importance of purpose. Then... New Spirit Journal publisher Krysta Gibson returns to talk about luck, what it is and how to live a lucky life. Website(s):
00:53:33 3/21/2019
Topic: Can business and people within the structure thrive at the same time? Judging current structures, you might not think so, but perhaps there is a way. We'll talk to Marc Lesser, author of "Seven Practices of a Mindful Leader - Lessons from Google and a Zen Monastery Kitchen". Website(s):,
00:53:29 3/20/2019
Topic: Truth is a concept much discussed these days. But what about your truth? We'll talk to Dr. DiVanna Vadree about "standing in your truth". It's time for another session of Down to Earth Spirituality... coming up next, right here on Conscious Talk. Website(s):
00:53:31 3/19/2019
Topic: The wisdom of elders is something that has pretty much disappeared in our youth-oriented culture... and it is perhaps sorely missed. Judge for yourself. Today's guest Dr. Anita Sanchez is the author of "The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. Website(s):,
00:53:59 3/18/2019
ENCORE SHOW Topic: You may be good at expressing your feelings and reporting on your life... but are you as good at listening? During this Women's Hour, Brenda and Diana put the feminine focus on "conscious listening". Do you really "hear" what is being said? Website:
00:54:23 3/15/2019
Topic: Have you heard about the revolutionary health benefits of xylitol? We'll talk to Nathan Jones, CEO and Founder of Xlear, Inc. about how a simple natural product can make a big difference in your life in surprising ways.. Then... staying with the fundamentals of natural health, we'll talk about the most effective way we know of to deal with acid in the body... and it's probably not what you think. Website(s):
00:53:43 3/14/2019
Guest: Dr. Emma Mardlin Book: Out of Your Comfort Zone Website:
00:53:13 3/13/2019
Topic: One thing science has discovered is that the heart has a measurably higher electromagnetic field and greater neurological intelligence than the brain. Could that be why we put so much spiritual emphasis on the concept of love and emotions rather than the power of our intellect? We'll talk to Dr. DiVanna VaDree about what it means to be loved. Website(s):,
00:53:28 3/12/2019
Topic: Will our future provide us with a different avenue for health than the current pharmaceutical model? Actually, the future is already here. We'll talk to Roberta Hladek (Ha-La-Deck), co-founder of EMC Squared, the creators of the Aim Program. We'll learn how energetic balancing can optimize your potential for a higher level of wellness. Website(s):,
00:54:08 3/11/2019
Topic: What is Love? It's been said that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe... But do we really believe it or have any idea how that could be so? We're going to a divine source for the answer. Danielle Gibbons returns with Mother Mary to help us understand what Love is. Website(s): belovedpublications,
00:53:53 3/8/2019

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