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Conscious Talk Radio - 07 - 18- 19 - Mary S. Holland / Krysta Gibson

Topic: Did you know that the US Government is on the cusp of recommending all men and women in the US up the age of 45 receive the HPV vaccine? Is it safe? Effective? What's behind it?... We'll talk to Mary S. Holland, author of "The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed" to get some answers. Then... Krysta Gibson returns to talk about her newest book, "Inspiration - Nourishment for Your Spiritual Journey". Website(s): / /
00:53:36 7/18/2019

Past Episodes

Intuition is the inner wisdom that fuels our lives and keeps us on purpose. Topic: So, it's important we stay tuned in, right? The question is, how do you do that? We'll talk to Theresa Cheung, author of "21 Rituals to Ignite Your Intuition". She believes rituals allow us to tap into, trust and listen to our intuition, allowing it to be the guiding force in life.
00:53:39 7/17/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: One thing science has discovered is that the heart has a measurably higher electromagnetic field and greater neurological intelligence than the brain. Could that be why we put so much spiritual emphasis on the concept of love and emotions rather than the power of our intellect? We'll talk to Dr. DiVanna VaDree about what it means to be loved. It's time for another session of Down To Earth Spirituality, right here on Conscious Talk. Website:
00:53:29 7/16/2019
Topic: Sometimes we need a little help when it comes to finding a spiritual practice that fits our lifestyle. Fortunately, you don't have to research all the ancient masters to find a practical approach. We'll talk to Jeff Cox, editor of the book by Paul Brunton, "Instructions for Spiritual Living". Paul Brunton creatively integrated the world's spiritual teachings and meditation systems into a clear, practical approach best-suited to our contemporary lives. Website:
00:54:24 7/15/2019
Topic: Danielle Gibbons and Mother Mary, co-authors of "Mother Mary's Pathway to Love", return to talk about how to keep our hearts open when everything appears to be falling apart. If you want to know how fear works and how to handle it, you want to be sure to stay tuned. Website:
00:54:00 7/12/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: We're not sure if a tree still grows in Brooklyn...but we know our favorite herbalist can find something to do with it if it does. We'll talk to Sara Chana Silverstein, author of "Moodtopia" about a favorite topic for this time of year... roses. And she has a lot more to share about herbs and more so don't change that dial. Website:
00:54:10 7/11/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: Over the years we have explored certain truths like; everything is energy and we are the creator of our lives... but how do you integrate those concepts into your life? We'll talk to Dr. Sue Morter, author of "The Energy Codes". She discovered a way to bring it all together and put it to work in your life. And yes, you can all do it.
00:53:57 7/10/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: Lots happens in life... and we wouldn't necessarily see it as "all good". We've always heard that it isn't what happens to you but how you react that counts. So the question is... "Can you be okay with it? Whatever it is?" It's time for another session of down to Earth Spirituality with Dr. DiVanna Vadree and we'll see what she has to say on the subject.
00:53:57 7/9/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: Have you noticed that you hear more and more about allergies? With all the pharmaceutical and over-the-counter products, you have to wonder if there's a natural way to find some help. We'll talk to health expert Martie Whittekin about how probiotics can help. Then... while we're talking health and wellness, we'll discuss how maintaining the proper ph balance in your body has wide-ranging and beneficial effects. Website(s): /
00:54:21 7/8/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: Okay.. you've been diagnosed with a serious disease. What do you do? How do you handle your relationship with your doctor? We'll talk to Reina Weiner, author of "Trust Your Doctor... But Not that Much: Be Your Own Best Healthcare Advocate". Great advice!... now find out how coming up next. Website:
00:54:04 7/5/2019
(Encore Show) Topic: Have you noticed your eyes aren't what they used to be? In fact, there is a huge increase in vision problems... especially among baby boomers. We'll talk to Meir (May-Er) Schneider, author of "Awakening Your Power of Self-Healing" and hear how he went from being blind to seeing with his unorthodox but effective method. Then... Have you heard the term "Sarcopenia" (Sar-Co-Pee-Knee-Ah)? It's associated with muscle-loss and it effects your health more than you know. We'll talk to health expert David Foreman for a little prep on what we need to know. Website:
00:53:36 7/4/2019

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