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WJJY's "Community Focus" is the longest-running locally produced, community affairs program in the Brainerd area. Hosted by WJJY's program director, Ken Thomas and news director, Tess Taylor, Community Focus has covered everything from arts and entertainment to issues concerning health, public safety, education, and much more. If it's happening in the Brainerd Lakes Area, it's on Community Focus.


Community Focus

Community Focus 12/14/18: Sarah Aamot, Artistic Director, Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota

Sarah Aamot, Artistic Director, Legacy Chorale of Greater Minnesota joined Community Focus
00:00:00 12/13/2018

Past Episodes

CEO Shane Riffle from the Brainerd Area YMCA joins Community Focus once again!
00:00:00 12/12/2018
Our guests today were Anthony Housey, Public Affairs, Camp Ripley Visitors Bureau, and Spc. Katlin Hoernemann of the Camp Ripley Support Unit to talk about happenings at Camp Ripley.
00:00:00 12/11/2018
Our guest today was Karl Samp, Executive Director of the Brainerd Lakes Area Community Foundation.
00:00:00 12/10/2018
Our guests today were Brainerd City Engineer Paul Sandy, and Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department Director Tony Sailer.
00:00:00 12/9/2018
Guests today were Brainerd Police Officer Troy Schriefels, Crow Wing County Child Protection Team member, Pat Sharbonda, Crow Wing County Family Services Supervisor, Chair, Crow Wing County Child Protection Team, to talk about efforts to prevent child abuse in Crow Wing County.
00:00:00 12/4/2018
Our guests today were Lisa Roggenkamp-Rakotz, Senior Assistant Aitkin County Attorney, and Sue Tange, former Aitkin County Child Protection Supervisor (retired), to talk about efforts in Aitkin County to prevent child abuse, using dollars raised by the Radiothon to End Child Abuse.
00:00:00 12/3/2018
Our guest today was Leslie Bouchonville, Executive Director, Pine Rive Backus Family Center and the Northland Area Family Center, to talk about how the Radiothon dollars are used to fund programs to prevent child abuse
00:00:00 12/2/2018
Our guest today was Melanie Erickson, Social Service Supervisor, Morrison County, to talk about the programs made possible by the dollars raised during our Radiothon to End Child Abuse.
00:00:00 11/29/2018
Guests today include: Gary Hirsch, Director, Wendy DeGeest, Choreographer, Jim Tousignant, and Mark Ford, Actors, to talk about the Stage North Theater presentation of "A Christmas Carol".
00:00:00 11/28/2018
Our guest today was: Kris Vonberge, Executive Director, Little Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau, to talk about events in Little Falls.
00:00:00 11/27/2018

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