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Have a curious mind? This podcast will make you think (and laugh!) Hate common sense and all things news, history, health, knowledge, millennials, weed, men, women and especially humor? This podcast "ain't" for you. Enter at your own risk.


Common Sense Ain't Common

Best Of Episodes 1-8

Kel and Jake are on the road this week, here's are some of our favorite headlines from episodes 1-8.
00:30:38 8/19/2019

Past Episodes

Bullet Resistant Backpacks #1 Back To School Staple in 2019 Chernobyl Vodka Has Been Distilled From Radioactive Grain Walgreens To Close 200+ Stores Florida Man Caught Breaking Into a Home and You won't believe what she did to him Man Slams Boy on His Head For Disrespecting the National Anthem Get more news stories to entertain your curious mind + make you laugh and think >>Listen to Common Sense Ain't Common podcast now on Apple Podcasts.
00:36:03 8/12/2019
Hacker Steals Millions of Capital One Customer Data - your social security number might be at risk. Black Americans could get $500B in Reparations if Democrat Marianne Williamson Wins the 2020 Presidency. The New 007 to be played by a Black Woman Seesaw Installed at Trump's Border Wall and We're Here for it. This Doctor is Freaking Out Over Superbugs and The Reason Why Will Give You Goosebumps Get more news stories to entertain your curious mind and make you laugh and think >>Listen to Common Sense Ain't Common podcast now on Apple Podcasts.
00:44:00 8/5/2019

Man Declared Dead Wakes Up At His Own Funeral. Jay-Z Joins Legal Weed Business - Caliva. Billionaire Jeffery Epstein charged With Child Sex Trafficking and The Evidence Is Shocking. Ship With $1Billion in Cocaine Seized By US Customs and You Won't Believe Who Owns it! Ross Perot Died - Can You Guess What Happens To His Billions? Jaden Smith Spends Birthday With The Homeless - Will Smith's Speech Will Make You Cry. West Coast Earthquakes - Is The Big One Coming? How To Fight Depression? This Rwandan Cure Will Make You Feel Happy. Jake Ate Chic Fil-A For The First Time and This Is Why He Hated It. 

00:25:19 7/15/2019
Wisconsin's 'Serial Toilet Clogger' Jailed for 150 Days. These Wasp Supernests in Alabama will give you goosebumps. Legos to go Hemp by 2030 because plastic sucks. Disney defends Black Ariel Little Mermaid while racists continue to freak out, These people died and came back - this is what they said really happens when you die, Japan To Legalize Whaling whale hunting At The Worst Time In The History of World, This Walmart Shopper Is Big Mad She Can't Pay Half Price For A Cake She Ate While Shopping, This Is What Happens If You Drive a Hearse in The Carpool Lane, Nun Arrested For Helping Priests Rape Deaf Children. Want more weird news stories and viral headlines to entertain your curious mind and make you laugh and think? Listen to Common Sense Ain't Common podcast now.
00:28:26 7/8/2019
30 viral posts about student debt that are way too real. This pregnant Alabama woman was shot in the stomach, her fetus died - she was charged with its death. A woman who died for 27 minutes explains she saw heaven and wrote this creepy note. The world's weirdest race lasts 50 days around 1 block in New York. This softball player broke an umpire's wrist and the reason why will make you feel embarrassed for him.
00:30:12 7/1/2019
Kel and Jake talk viral headlines and weird news stories today - Hackers have a new way to steal nude pics, Ring Doorbells help Trump and Big Brother invade your privacy, Trader Joe's fans love their products but we wish their employees would stop doing this one thing, want to make $5000 just to eat BBQ? Find out how here. Have a curious mind? Listen to our latest podcast now!
00:27:47 6/24/2019
Kel and Jake are joined by Nurse Blake, the social media star known for his funny nursing meme videos. Blake answers the questions everyone wants to know like, who is Nurse Blake married to? Where is he originally from? He also talks about nursing school (meltdown), life as a new grad nurse, working as a night shift nurse and what it's like to date a nurse. Blake discusses the Banned4Life movement that ended blood discrimination against gay men donating blood. And, talks about the "scromper", the NurseCon cruise, and Nurse Blake live events. With millions of social media followers, Blake has quickly become the most popular nurse influencer on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
00:30:02 6/17/2019
Your dose of headlines, everything from weed to composting dead bodies . Scary part this is just the first episode.
00:44:52 6/10/2019

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