Common Sense Ain't Common

This Podcast Will Make Curious Minds Think, Laugh And Feel Smarter.


Have a curious mind? This podcast will make you think (and laugh!) Hate common sense and all things news, history, health, knowledge, millennials, weed, men, women and especially humor? This podcast "ain't" for you. Enter at your own risk.


Common Sense Ain't Common

The Nurse Blake Interview

Kel and Jake are joined by Nurse Blake, the social media star known for his funny nursing meme videos. Blake answers the questions everyone wants to know like, who is Nurse Blake married to? Where is he originally from? He also talks about nursing school (meltdown), life as a new grad nurse, working as a night shift nurse and what it's like to date a nurse. Blake discusses the Banned4Life movement that ended blood discrimination against gay men donating blood. And, talks about the "scromper", the NurseCon cruise, and Nurse Blake live events. With millions of social media followers, Blake has quickly become the most popular nurse influencer on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
00:30:02 6/17/2019

Past Episodes

Your dose of headlines, everything from weed to composting dead bodies . Scary part this is just the first episode.
00:44:52 6/10/2019

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