Colleen & Bradley

Colleen Lindstrom and Bradley Traynor are best pals who find humor in her parenting adventures, and the love of his life: hard boiled eggs, Crossfit, and a CavaPooChon named Weezy. They specialize in pop culture weird, including candy corn pizza, D-list celebrity achievements, and stupid criminals, aka "Crazy Stupid Idiots." "Colleen & Bradley" can be heard weekdays 12-3 pm CST on myTalk 107.1 FM radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Colleen & Bradley

6/14 Fri Hr 3: CONSPIRACIES BY COBRA: Paula Abdul

PLUS: Paul McGuire Grimes reviews LATE NIGHT and tells us about a special screening SINCE STONEWALL AND CSI: Slow speed chase.
00:32:06 6/14/2019

Past Episodes

PLUS: Cheat Day Friday: McDonald's International menu AND D-Bags: Tristan and J.Lo!
00:32:55 6/14/2019
PLUS: #FreeBritney: The Sam(s), Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert AND :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item.
00:46:07 6/14/2019
PLUS: #FreeBritney: A fresh haircut and sadness AND CSI: Poopity scoop.
00:34:08 6/13/2019
PLUS: What's the tourist place you WON'T be visiting? WENDY WATCH: The story behind the new "boyfriend" AND REBOOT OR GET THE BOOT: GROWING PAINS.
00:43:59 6/13/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND CHONAS BONUS: They're using their kids...
00:44:19 6/13/2019
PLUS: What's your favorite sandwich, COBRA GANG (again): Khloe's "truth..."
00:34:52 6/12/2019
PLUS: What movie do you shame-watch? D-Bags: Page Six and People AND COBRA GANG: Britney says the paparazzi are part of a conspiracy theory....
00:00:00 6/12/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND CHONAS BONUS: Priyanka is acting as us when we were CHILDREN!
00:41:20 6/12/2019
PLUS: What drive thru are we hitting up with your funeral procession? AND CSI: Pizza Hood!
00:36:20 6/11/2019
PLUS: What's fun about Minnesota, D-Bags: Jojo and Kylie AND Keanu and Lilo.
00:00:00 6/11/2019

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