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Juliet Mills Shares Her Memories of 'Nanny and the Professor'

Actress Juliet Mills looks back at her days on the Classic TV series 'Nanny and the Professor'
00:30:36 7/16/2019

Past Episodes

Behind the scenes with 'Blood & Treasure' star Sofia Pernas, who also reveals her inner geek.
00:29:52 7/9/2019
Biographer David Grove discusses the life and career of the late Bill Bixby, providing new insight into the 'Incredible Hulk' star.
01:00:06 7/2/2019
Rob Paulsen talks about his famous characters, the return of Animaniacs and his new biography
00:28:52 6/25/2019
Hal takes us back to his days at the 12th Precinct and offers his views on why it worked and what it was all about.
00:51:33 6/18/2019
Actor Jon Provost looks back at his days working with the world's most famous Collie, Lassie, and the impact the show has had on generations of viewers.
00:28:23 6/11/2019
Christopher Knight returns to talk about the 50th Anniversary 'Brady Bunch' DVD box set, HGTV's 'A Very Brady Renovation' and more.
00:12:16 6/4/2019
A look back at the incredible journey of Doris Day through her life and career.
00:40:02 5/21/2019
The inside story on the making of 'The Partridge Family' and its musical legacy.
00:30:24 5/15/2019
John Schneider looks back at his 40 year career which began with 'The Dukes of Hazzard' and is going strong.
00:32:58 5/7/2019
A look back at Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn and her experiences during World War II with biographer Robert Matzen
00:24:52 4/30/2019

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