Christmas 364: The Holiday Podcast

The Christmas 364 Podcast is your guide to sharing the love, joy and peace of Christmas all year! It's all about maximizing every season & opportunity in life to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you. Random acts of kindness, a simple smile, a friendly hello, a day to yourself... The spirit of Christmas is too inspiring and heartwarming to live out once a year.


Christmas 364: The Holiday Podcast

Welcome To The Christmas 364 Podcast

Welcome to the Christmas 364 Podcast. Claude Jennings and Brenda Alexander, authors of "Christmas 364: Be Merry and Bright Beyond Christmas Night" is launching this new podcast. It's all about continuing the love, joy, giving and peace of Christmas all year. In this teaser episode, Claude Jennings explains what you can expect from the podcast and how you can join the Christmas 364 movement!
00:08:47 12/10/2018

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