Byte Me DLC

Sometimes a game developer doesn't have the time or budget to put all their ideas into a single game, but that usually comes out later as downloadable content. Byte Me DLC is the like that, except we'll never put the DLC on the disc and make you pay to unlock it. Probably.


Byte Me DLC

Episode 1: Video Game Award Premiers

Cliff, Joe and Vinny talk about all the new trailers and games annouced at this year's Video Game Awards! Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Anthem Dauntless Dead by Daylight Devil May Cry 5 Fortnite Forza Horizon 4 Psychonauts 2 Rage 2 The Stanley Parable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Among Trees Atlas Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises Far Cry New Dawn Hades Journey to the Savage Planet The Last Campfire Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Mortal Kombat 11 The Outer Worlds The Pathless Sayonara Wild Hearts Scavengers Stranger Things 3: The Game Survived By
01:34:05 12/17/2018

Past Episodes

It appears a lot of people are playing Fortnite at the same time, and not as many people are playing Destiny 2 as Activision would like. We still don't know if RDR2 is coming to PC, PS Now has a lot of subscribers and YouTube hits the Switch.
00:04:12 11/8/2018
We go over some interesting sales numbers, both historic and RDR2, talk about the new Spider-Man DLC and figure out how to play Smash Bros with your GameCube controller
00:04:26 11/7/2018
One former and one current employee file a lawsuit against Riot Games and also a TON of PUBG news.
00:03:40 11/6/2018
Moonlighter came out yesterday and World of Final Fantasy Maxima comes out today, the Switch might be getting a YouTube app, Ashe hits the Overwatch PTR, the Jill of the Jungle trilogy is free on GoG and Destiny 2 on PC is free to keep through the 18th.
00:04:02 11/5/2018
With the help of our amazing donors and wonderful teammates, we raised over $5,000 for Extra Life!
00:03:25 11/4/2018
Diablo 3 hits today and it looks pretty great, Sony announces the free PlayStation Plus games for November, the ESPN app on your console gets updated to support ESPN+, Sunset Overdrive is coming to PC and a new game from Undertale creator Toby Fox looks interesting (and free!)
00:04:04 11/1/2018
We talk about the new Mega Drive collection coming out on the Switch, Shroud of the Avatar goes free to play, the Switch and Read Dead 2 sales numbers are very impressive and November's Games with Gold got announced.
00:04:06 10/30/2018
Twitch announces Twitch Sings (it's new karaoke game), Alan Wake is back on Steam (and on sale), Layers of Fear 2 becomes official, more "Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC" rumors and Epic gets some money. Ok, maybe a bit more than some.
00:04:14 10/28/2018

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