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The Sega Genesis Mini is Out This Month and Looks Great!

The Sega Genesis mini is out on September 19th and actually looks pretty great! For $80 you get 42 games, two controllers and a power connector. The game loadout is pretty great and included a lot of your favorites, plus some special surprises!

Also this week:

  • Minecraft Beats Out Roblox with 112 Million Monthly Players
  • Kind Words Lets You Put Some Nice Back into the World
  • The Game Awards are Back This December
  • Classic Dragon Quest Games are Coming to Switch
  • Some Borderlands 3 Players are Losing Their Save Games

What We're Playing

Vicky: Pokemon Go  

Cliff: NITW, Borderlands 3, Just Cause 4  

Dylan: IRL Cat Quest, Borderlands 3


Vinny: What big game(s) is coming out within the next couple years that the majority are super hyped for that you have little to no interest in? For me its Animal Crossing. I have only seen stuff from E3 and Nintendo Directs but I do not see the appeal.

angelgrl: Name a villain you agreed with.

itsEddie: Make a dating sim using four villains. What would be the name for a Bowser dating sim ?

OptimistPrime: What are you guys hoping to find when you storm Area 51?

Turndwn4what: What video game world would you want to live and work in? Your chosen job would have direction interaction with one of the characters. How would you imagine that interaction to play out and how would your conversation about your day with friends or family go at the end of the day.

Josh: We are always told to talk with our wallets when we support or choose not to support a game. How do you support the developers and their families on their hard work and amazing talent of wonderful games but also speak out and raise awareness to industry practices that poison the water?

Mansocks: What is your favorite horror movie?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Store

  • Batman? 9/19
01:34:28 9/19/2019

Past Episodes

KFC is making a dating sim (it's actually called I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator!) You play the role of a student at a culinary school that a very young, very good looking Colonel Sanders just happens to also attend. There is also a dog that is also a professor who is named...Professor Dog. There isn't a release date yet, but we are 100% in.

Other Video Game News:

  • EA is testing a new streaming service and is looking for volunteers
  • Apple Arcade has a launch date and a price
  • This new from Playstation is why I'm an Xbox fanboy
  • With the launch of SNES Games in Nintendo Online, Nintendo is taking away monthly games
  • This Neo Geo arcade controller is way cooler than that Capcom monstrosity
  • WoW Classic is out and it's awesome

What Video Games We're Playing

Vicky: WoW Classic, Borderlands 2 + DLC

Cliff: Just Cause 4, Link to the Past, Smash Bros, Not a Hero

Dylan: Slay the Spire, Gears of War 4, Brawlhalla


DA VINSTER: What is the next Microsoft/Nintendo Collaboration would you like to see next? Cuphead in Super Smash? Banjo on Switch? Conker's on Xbox? Overall how can Nintendo help Xbox and vice versa.

OptimistPrime: Set up 2 video game characters on a blind date and tell us how it'll go.

JoeColeslaw: How can we solve the music licensing issues that certain games face such as Crazy Taxi, GTA, Tony Hawk... Is this a money thing? Something tells me it is a money thing.

itsEddie: Mario is you're grandpa . What words of wisdom would he give you ?

Josh: What games do you constantly return to like a bad breakup? Do you return out of boredom or a need for satisfaction that only your ex_game can give you? Do you think games as a service capitalizes on this relationship with games by releasing dlc and updates quarterly or yearly?

Cheap/Free Video Games

Epic Games

  • The End is Nigh
  • Abzu
  • Conarium (next week)

Humble Bundle Monthly


Humble RPG Bundle

01:38:37 9/12/2019

So, better late than never, right?

  • Catherine: Full Body (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) - September 3 - $60
  • Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) - September 3 - $20
  • Creature in the Well (Xbox One/Game Pass, Switch, PC) - September 6 - $15
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) - September 6 - $40
  • NBA 2K20 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC) - September 6 - $60
  • Gears 5 (Xbox One/Game Pass, PC) - September 10 - $60
  • Borderlands 3 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, PC) - September 13 - $60
  • Daemon X Machina (Switch) - September 13 - $60
  • NHL 20 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One) - September 13 - $60
  • Lego: Jurassic World (Switch) - September 17 - $40
  • Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son (PlayStation VR, Rift, Vive) - September 17 - $30
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Switch) - September 20 - $60
  • Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall (iOS, Android) - September 23 - F2P
  • Cat Quest II (PC) - September 24 - ???
  • Contra: Rogue Corps (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch) - September 24 - $40
  • The Surge 2 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) - September 24 - $50
  • Mario Kart Tour (iOS, Android) - September 25 - F2P
  • Dragon Quest XI S (Switch) - September 27 - $60
  • FIFA 20 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC) - September 27 - $60
00:21:11 9/11/2019
News Quick PAX review, more coming when Cliff returns Gears 5 incoming! ....and Dave Bautista will be a playable character SEA OF THIEVES! Nintendo Direct Overwatch 10.15.19 SMASH - Banjo Kazooie available in Smash Bros... NOW! SMASH - Terry from Fatal Fury is next to the Fight.... SMASH - 4 of 5 announced but wait theres more! Divinity Original Sin 2 - Steam and Switch Cross Save DOOM 64 rerelease Pokemon Sword and Shield - Lots of Customization SNES GAMES INCOMING to Switch Online - 20 games launch tomorrow! And yes you can get the controller Tetris 99 2.0 tomorrow! GAMES, GAMES, GAMES Animal Crossing Questions DA VINSTER (Vinny): How does public perception come into effect in terms of Games and their reviews? I ask due primarily because of a soon to be released game Gears 5 and a critically acclaimed game Spider-Man. According to reviews (both IGN) Gears 5 actually received a higher review (by .1 but not the point) than Spider-Man did, yet for some reason, I hear very little excitement or hype for Gears, whereas for months I heard the best of things about Spider-Man. Why do you think this is? Are the differences between consumers of Sony and Xbox really all that different that some are more vocal than others? Sorry for the long question, but this was the only way I knew how to get my question across properly. angelgrl721985 (Megan): What games, if any, would you like to see ported over to consoles or PC next? itsEddie: Who is your personal favorite final boss ? JoeColeslaw: What video game sound byte would you give to everyday situations or emotions. . . Perhaps meme based. Surprised-mgs alert Pay day-mario WhaHoo Anger - Joy - Bad day - Driving incident - Let's get creative OptimistPrime: If you were in Mortal Kombat describe what your fatality would be? Cheap/Free Games EPIC STORE SEPTEMBER 5 - The End is Nigh and ABZU
01:03:39 9/4/2019

Video games are currently going through their own #MeToo moment and it all blew up yesterday, with multiple women calling out powerful men in the games industry, including Jeremy Soule composer on The Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars series and Alec Holowka developer of Night in the Woods and Aquaria.


  • Telltale games are back in business...sorta
  • The classic versions of Aladdin and The Lion King are coming back to modern consoles in October
  • The Ion Fury launch has been marred by the revelation of transphobic posts by developers in their Discord and the inclusion of homophobic slurs in their newly released game
  • World of Warcraft Classic Servers are up and running, but hopefully you like lines


Vinny: What is one Developer and/or one video game IP that you know you will buy day one regardless of hearing anything about it? Mine would be almost anything Halo IP related, especially FPS Halo's.

JoeColeslaw: Do you have any instances of your faith in humanity restored? Something positive throughout your week that can lighten the mood, and perhaps be a counter to some negativity in this week's News?

AngelGrl: What is your favorite non-video game (board game, sport or outdoor activity, ect)?

Turndwn4wut: What do you think the motivation is for people to cheat at games?

Eddie: What Muppet can you guys relate to?

Cheap/Free Games

Playstation Plus

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Darksiders III

Game Pass

  • Dead Cells (Xbox One / PC) - Sept. 5

Epic Game Store

  • Celeste
  • Inside

Small Bites

Mario Kart Tour Release Date Announced 

00:00:00 8/29/2019
Gamestop layoffs, Death Standing gameplay, Spiderman news and more!
01:19:31 8/21/2019
Ok, it's probably not really a mystery, but Cliff writes the show notes and he wasn't there, so it's a mystery to him!
01:06:23 8/14/2019

Gamers are harassing the creators of Ooblets to the tune "tens of thousands of messages" because they decided to go exclusive on the Epic Game Store. Don't do that, it sucks. Somehow the release of the Commander Lilith convinced two millions people to buy Borderlands 2. Meanwhile, over 100 millions kids are playing Roblox even though there are a lot of better games available. The Now Man's Sky: Beyond update is coming out next week and the Cataclysm patch for Anthem is now available.


Vinny: What single player game would you like to see turned into a co-op/multiplayer game?

Eddie: Which mascots would make for great daytime talk shows ? Instead of Maury we get Wario.

AngelGrl: Choices must be made.

JoeColeslaw: With the next generation of consoles coming out next year makes think about the major jump from one generation to the next over the years. What other industry besides video games have been making steady upgrades every 8 to 10 years?

Cheap/Free Games

Epic Games Store

Humble Monthly

Twitch Prime:

  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap
  • Pumped BMX Pro
  • Mable and the Wood
  • Automachef

Small Bites

Journey Gets a Surprise iOS Release

01:08:15 8/8/2019

Unless you're a huge Madden football fan or love old school WoW there isn't a ton of new video games coming out in August 2019, but Rad, Life is Strange 2 and Blair Witch look to be solid indie entries.

  • Madden 20 [PC, PS4, XBOX] - August 2
  • Friday The 13th: The Game Ultimate Slasher Edition [Switch] - August 13
  • Rad [ PC, PS4, XBOX, Switch] - August 20
  • Life Is Strange 2 - Episode 4 [PC, PS4, XBOX] - August 22
  • Oninaki [PC, PS4, Switch] - August 22
  • World of Warcraft Classic [PC] - August 27
  • Blair Witch [PC, XBOX] - August 30
00:09:32 8/1/2019

Nintendo will now fix your drifting Joy Cons for free, no muss, no fuss. They will even give you a refund if you've paid for it in the past! Nintendo is also upping the number of levels you can upload for Mario Maker 2 from 32 to 64. Sea of Thieves is adding pets to the game "soon" and also adding microtransactions so you can buy pets (and emotes and ship cosmetics). Overwatch is making a HUGE change to the way their matchmaking works by introducing the "Role Queue" system where you will pick a role before you enter a queue. Finally, we got confirmation that we will see some changes to the mainline Switch, in the form of better battery life.

What You're Playing

Adam: Slay the Spire, Sky

Cliff: Far Cry New Dawn


Vinny: What is some of your favorite relationships you have seen in a video game? Can be romantic or not. Kratos and Boy? Master Chief and Cortanta?

JoeColeslaw: Here's something a little more pressing... With EA launching EA access on PS4... What games are what strategy do you see EA using? Looking at a lot of the Xbox titles... They are backwards compatible. With a PS3 generation not doing so well with a physical download for PS4, do you see franchises like dead space or skate being emitted from this service? Do you think Sony and EA are in talks to bring back some of the PS2 Classics? Franchises? Or is this simply going to be the Madden, FIFA, NFL 2019 service?

Eddie: With Mario having a job being a plumber. Who else would you like to see having actual normal jobs. Like mechanic or fed ex delivery person?

Turndwn4wut: In the history of video games what has been your favorite peripheral?

Mansocks: Do you like dinosaurs or ninjas more?

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00:54:50 7/25/2019

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