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Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay features the best parts of each day's show from the good ol' boy odd couple. Hear the funniest moments, including All I Need to Know and What's Up Florida?! Bud and Broadway's Instant Replay - Real Life. Real People. Real Fun.


BandB: Billy Currington & The Voice Audition

Billy Currington spent some time telling us about his tour and new music PLUS we have some insight on how they run The Voice Auditions.
00:26:20 6/21/2018

Past Episodes

We've had some recent accidental theft on the show...so we had to ask, what have you accidentally stolen? Plus, Broadway was late to work this morning because he ran out of gas...is this a normal thing to do?
00:28:00 6/20/2018
OMG, the dumbest lies you've ever told had us laughing...especially the one about the camel. Plus, Broadway went to see the new Jurassic World movie...listen to find out what he thought of it.
00:26:30 6/19/2018
Jason Aldean spent time with us while we were all in the Bahamas. Plus, so many bear sightings recently around STL....so we wrote a song!
00:24:20 6/17/2018
In honor of father's everywhere we tell our best "Hoosier Daddy" stories. Plus, Bud and Broadway are going to the Bahamas...but not everyone was invited.
00:26:00 6/12/2018
Keith Urban called the Bud and Broadway Home Team and talked about kicking off his tour in STL and his favorite appetizer. Plus, guess what? Bud FINALLY got rid of the roommate!
00:27:30 6/11/2018
Bud has about had it with his roommate and he has GOT to go! Plus, there was all sorts of pie drama over the weekend at the Broadway house.
00:17:30 6/10/2018
We had to call former St. Louis Blues player Chris Pronger to apologize for something that happened at the Dierks Bentley show. Plus, we have partnered with "Got Your Six" to get a veteran a service dog...we call it "One Pet One Vet!"
00:25:00 6/6/2018
JT, the Bearded Lady of the Midday, applied to be on the MTV reality show "Party Cove" at Lake of the Ozarks...so we quizzed him about his application. Plus, Bud has just about had it with his "roommate."
00:21:40 6/5/2018
Broadway just found out the old owners of his house buried Saint Joseph in his yard, but never dug it back up...does he have bad mojo now? Plus, we are really excited for the new reality show - Party Cove...so we asked some application questions.
00:24:50 6/4/2018
We spent some time with Dierks Bentley before the show....he really LOVES STL! Plus, Bud was trying to listen to his therapist's advice and help out a friend, which has now turned into a new roommate!
00:24:20 6/3/2018

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