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BandB: Scientific Lottery Number Selector & Animal Family Feud

We have a sure fire way to pick your next lottery numbers...it's scientific. Plus, one of our favorites each week - Animal Family Feud!
00:22:15 10/18/2018

Past Episodes

Broadway saw the screening for Halloween last night, which was scary. It made us wonder, what's the scariest movie you've ever watched? Plus, goodbye WOW Air, let us play our song one last time.
00:27:30 10/16/2018
Broadway's daughter is getting married in May...hoping for a perfect day. Broadway had to explain to her, there's always going to be something go wrong at a wedding and all you can do is laugh at it. These are those stories! Plus, the guys go above and beyond to pick the winning lottery numbers!
00:18:40 10/15/2018
Jason Aldean called us this morning with some amazing news! Plus, it's Halloween so time to get creeped out - have you ever seen a ghost?
00:21:30 10/14/2018
OMG...Broadway makes a mess everywhere he goes, this time it was the scarecrow display. Plus, sisters Tawanda & Tendai joined us in studio to tell us about being on The Family Feud TV show.
00:30:20 10/11/2018
Bud and Broadway just learned about the tradition of tp'ing for Homecoming. Plus, Coach Howard Brown received $25,000 from The Ellen Show!
00:25:00 10/10/2018
Believe it or not, there are some towns where you can get ARRESTED for trick-or-treating if you're over 12. And some of the penalties are LEGIT . . . there's a city in Virginia where teenagers who trick-or-treat can get up to six months in jail. It made us wonder, how old is too old to go trick-or-treating? PLUS, we have friends and family right in the path of Hurricane Michael...what are they doing now?
00:24:30 10/9/2018
A production company is holding casting calls for a movie...have you ever been in a movie? Plus, Broadway's son went to his first Homecoming Dance & Parade...the parade had it's challenges.
00:21:00 10/8/2018
Some people will do just about anything for Jinglefest tickets...including breaking curfew. Plus, we are on a mission to find St. Louis' Hottest Firefighter!
00:23:40 10/7/2018
We had a PRO stop in studio to teach Broadway how to properly carve a pumpkin AND another edition of the exciting 'Animal Family Feud!'
00:23:15 10/4/2018
Halloween is just around the corner, which made us wonder...what are YOU most scared of? Plus the Bud and Broadway Big Time String Band wrote a song!
00:23:00 10/3/2018

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