Boozy Brunch

Stacey and Jonah host a recap of this past week's shows and finally get to say the stuff they couldn't say on the radio. Adult beverages included.


Boozy Brunch

Sexual Waffles and Barrel Rolls

Waffle House ACTUALLY has an emergency response team, plus Stacey shares what it's like to inside the pre-flight briefing room with the Blue Angels.
00:27:16 9/5/2019

Past Episodes

A literal emotional roller coaster happens live on the podcast plus Jonah does the dumbest thing of 2019!
00:25:41 8/29/2019
How much do YOU remember from school? Guaranteed it's more than this guy. Plus Stacey reveals what would lead to murder.
00:38:44 8/15/2019
Jonah's face gets frozen and he forgets how to talk, plus foot fetishes, and bad sex as a present!
00:28:35 8/8/2019
For the first time in history, Stacey leaves HERSELF speechless after sharing a, um, er, personal story, and there was a Great White Shark at the Gateway Arch!
00:30:07 8/1/2019
From storming Area 51 to drunkenly calling a bird an Uber (true story), Stacey and Jonah dive deep. Also, can Jonah bring his hatchet on an airplane? The TSA has the answer.
00:26:13 7/17/2019
We get a firsthand account of what it was like on board the Delta plane whose engine failed mid-flight and also Jonah met a giant.
00:00:00 7/11/2019
Jonah is not the only family member to receive erotic poetry, and we get to find out what Albert Pujol's game jersey smells like!
00:24:04 6/27/2019
Tough week for Jonah- his nephew started dropping F-bombs and his dad started writing erotic poetry. On with the show!
00:28:28 6/20/2019
Things get a little of the rails this week. Stacey and Jonah cover the Stanley cup win and then... well... you'll hear.
00:27:30 6/13/2019
Stacey and Jonah meet the world's wildest Blues fan, talk awful um, noises, and Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind calls in.
00:29:22 6/6/2019


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