Bob Stroud's One 45 of the Week

The Drive's Bob Stroud spotlights one of the week's most compelling titles from his "One 45 at 1:45" series (in which Stroud features a different 45rpm vinyl record each weekday afternoon at 1:45.) Historical significance, lyric origins and artist influences are among the intriguing factoids Stroud unveils in each podcast episode.


Bob Stroud's One 45 of the Week

Beatles-Long & Winding Road

00:02:38 6/16/2019

Past Episodes

00:03:04 6/9/2019
Bob talks about the single by Great Britain's Status Quo, featuring the riff swiped by thousands.
00:03:45 6/3/2019
Bob Stroud's One 45 of the Week - WDRV-FM Chicago
00:04:24 5/28/2019


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