Birth, Baby & Beyond (AUS)

Created for expectant parents, new mums, new grandparents and for anyone wanting to know more about becoming a parent. Cath Curtin shares over four decades of experience, guiding you through the highs and lows of being pregnant, giving birth and the complexities of parenting. We tend to focus so much on labour and birth and think breastfeeding and parenting will be easy and come naturally. Birth, Baby & Beyond is a realistic yet gentle conversation aimed to inform and prepare you about the things you don't yet know - you don't know! Hear from a multitude of specialists; a paediatrician, an obstetrician & gynaecologist, a physiotherapist, a psychologist, a dad who talks about how life changes for a father, an expert in prams, car seat etc required for new babies, journalist and author Madeline Morris and some very interesting mums who openly discuss the challenges of becoming a mother. Birth, Baby & Beyond tells it how it is.


Birth, Baby & Beyond (AUS)

Controlled crying - passive settling

There is a lot of fear around controlled crying. Midwife Cath Curtin calls it passive settling and discusses with Brydie Huggins why and how she uses it as a tool with her three children. Cath explains why it’s a technique she believes is valuable for some parents.
00:36:38 3/10/2019

Past Episodes

Breastfeeding, is it a foolproof form of contraception? Join Midwife Cath Curtin, Brooke Carrigan and Dr Sue Hiscock and find out the varied contraception options available to you after birth.
00:24:24 3/10/2019
For everyone who is curious about having sex after babies. Midwife Cath Curtin, Brooke Carrigan and Dr Sue Hiscock breakdown in great detail ‘sex after birth’ and cover everything from hormones, lubricant, uterine prolapse and the notion of housework as foreplay.
00:30:20 3/10/2019
Give the grandparents a list and “spell out how they can help you”. Acclaimed Australian author Hazel Edwards, “There’s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof” talks with Midwife Cath Curtin and Brooke Carrigan about the importance of grandparents, the changing roles and responsibilities of grandparents and the meaning of ‘house rules’.
00:33:27 3/10/2019
Parents all have challenges but what if you didn’t have enough water to bath your kids? Adelaide Elliott and her family live in remote regional Australia. She talks to Midwife Cath Curtin about the unique set of challenges and joys of being a mum in regional Australia.
00:24:40 3/10/2019
Be inspired by Dads Matt Tinney and Danny Williams whose children have extra challenges. They talk candidly to Midwife Cath Curtin about their personal, emotional, psychological and financial journeys - the joys of their families and the importance of hearing from dads.
00:45:04 3/10/2019
Do you want to know about surrogacy? After 9 years trying to start their family, Katie and Tom Rattigan turned to surrogacy and they now have a beautiful son. They share with Midwife Cath Curtin and Brooke Carrigan the ins and outs of their surrogate journey in the hope of helping others.
00:41:18 3/10/2019
Mums be vigilant! It’s easy for mothers to prioritise new babies and sleep over their own health. Midwife Cath Curtin and Dr Sue Hiscock on post pregnancy checkups
00:26:25 8/3/2018
For women who are wanting or trying to have a baby, hear why Midwife Cath Curtin and Dr Sue Hiscock think pre-pregnancy planning is brilliant. 
00:24:51 8/3/2018
Two mums, VFLW Essendon player Natasha Hardy and her wife Natalie East share their story of becoming same-sex parents to Macey with Midwife Cath Curtin. Macey is the first baby in Australia to have same-sex parents recorded as “married” on her birth certificate. Go Macey!!!
00:39:49 8/3/2018
Having trouble sleeping or getting your baby to sleep? Midwife Cath Curtin explains the foundations of sleep for you and your children and provides you with her top tips.
00:35:00 8/3/2018

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