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Ep. 182 - How is September Shaping Up for the Cardinals?

We're taking a look at how the Cardinals could fare in September, with call ups coming and the team surprisingly still in the playoff hunt.
00:16:19 8/16/2018

Past Episodes

The Cardinals have managed to stay in the playoff race, thanks to a strong farm system that's paying off in the big leagues.
00:11:27 8/15/2018
We're talking how quickly the Cardinals' clubhouse culture changed once Mike Shildt took over as manager, and how that's affecting performance on the field.
00:12:41 8/13/2018
The Cardinals' change in management and other slumping teams may give St. Louis just enough wins to creep into the playoffs.
00:12:20 8/9/2018
This week's PGA Championship is critical to changing St. Louis' image, and vital to the health of the city's economy.
00:10:20 8/8/2018
The bright side of the veteran injuries the Cardinals have sustained is that it gives the team a chance to evaluate their young players before they normally would've been able to do so.
00:12:47 8/6/2018
The Cardinals' young lineup should help Mike Shildt in his push to become the team's full time manager.
00:13:43 8/3/2018
We're talking the Cardinals' need for a solid middle lineup hitter, and all the factors to take into account before signing a free agent.
00:12:59 8/2/2018
We're discussing why Tommy Pham had to go and how the Cardinals have reduced their veteran pitching.
00:18:05 7/31/2018
It's been a frustrating season to watch the Cardinals' offense. Also, we're getting calls from the fake IRS, which is unsettling.
00:20:06 7/25/2018
We're talking the Cardinals' bullpen issues, and whether it's worth keeping Greg Holland and Brett Cecil around, even with their price tags.
00:14:21 7/24/2018

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