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Put two sports talkers with more than fifty years of experience in the same room and what do you get? Bernie and Randy: The Podcast. Bernie Miklasz and Randy Karraker cover everything on the professional and college sports scene, and they're never short on opinions. These two sports talk heavyweights have reunited to bring the well-known radio show they co-hosted to the podcast world. Catch Bernie and Randy: The Podcast, on PodcastOne.


Ep. 141 - A Draft that Will Make or Break NFL Careers

We're discussing how a compelling and confusing quarterback class is making for a Draft Day that could make or break careers in the NFL.
00:15:19 4/25/2018

Past Episodes

Does Mike Matheny still have what it takes to lead the Cardinals to success? We're questioning that after a tough loss to the Mets.
00:20:03 4/24/2018
Baseball has become a game of home runs, strikeouts, and walks. We're talking what that means for the future of the sport.
00:15:59 4/18/2018
The Cardinals are stacked pitching-wise for the future, which is quite nice. We're taking a look at who's down in Memphis.
00:14:07 4/17/2018
The Cardinals are off to a good start, but there's reason to be concerned about Matt Carpenter. Maybe it's time for another plan.
00:15:39 4/16/2018
Baseball management has shifted to a more analytical approach, but Cardinals manager Mike Matheny seems to ignore this shift. Will John Mozeliak and crew save Matheny from himself?
00:15:43 4/12/2018
We're wondering if the Cardinals have lost their fear factor. There's frustration and waning attendance among Cardinals fans, and maybe the Cardinals brand is weakened.
00:19:34 4/11/2018
We're diving right into the Blues offseason, with the team missing the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons. This team may need to be aggressive this offseason, with a checklist that starts with upgrading the offense.
00:17:44 4/10/2018
Opening day in St. Louis is nothing short of magical. Let's get all warm and fuzzy talking about it.
00:16:01 4/5/2018
MLB season is underway and strikeouts are dominating the headlines again. Are players losing perspective on what is a productive out is? Are the strikeouts more about the pitchers or hitters? Bernie talks about Mike Maddux's approach to the launch angle and how it may hurt a few of the Cardinals pitchers.
00:17:38 4/3/2018
Talking the Blues' struggles on the power-play and Vladimir Tarasenko's contributions to those struggles. Yet, despite all the team's issues they still have a good chance of making the postseason
00:13:03 4/2/2018

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