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Federal News Network Executive Editor Jason Miller talks to federal chief information officers about the latest technology trends and issues facing their agencies.


Ask the CIO

NSA dares students to break the cyber code, and then recruits them

NSA's six-year-old program challenges students and others to solve a multi-step cybersecurity problem as a way to expose them to the type of work the agency and the government does.
00:43:25 6/12/2019

Past Episodes

Federal chief information officer Suzette Kent said in an exclusive interview that during her time leading federal technology she has learned the biggest areas agencies need to catch the private sector in is processes and people, but not technology.
00:33:12 6/9/2019
OMB's draft cloud smart strategy is one of several ongoing efforts across the government to help agencies deliver services and modernize systems more quickly.
00:43:24 5/23/2019
Eric Jeanmaire, the former division chief for Identity, Records and National Security Delivery in U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service and now the CEO of Finality, said moving E-Verify to the cloud made surviving the government shutdown not only possible, but a success.
00:42:52 5/9/2019
Like legacy technology systems, agency chief information officers are struggling to modernize their own roles. Federal technology executives and their private sector counterparts still face an uphill battle to shed the long-held viewpoint that they are back-office, cost centers. A new survey of public and private sector CIOs indicated the modernization of their role isn't happening as fast as many would expect, and technology executives feel the way others judge their value remains stuck in the 1990s. LaVerne Council, the national managing principal for enterprise technology strategy and innovation practice at Grant Thornton, and Todd Tucker, the general manager and vice president of the TBM Council, talked more about this challenge on Ask the CIO with Federal News Network Executive Editor Jason Miller.
00:43:23 4/28/2019
Gordon Bitko, the chief information officer of the FBI, said the bureau is relaying on a combination of tools, training and shared services to better manage data.
00:43:00 4/18/2019
Eddie Hartwig, the deputy administrator of the U.S. Digital Service, said the goal is to train 250 contracting officers under the Digital IT Acquisition Professional Program (DITAP).
00:43:25 4/10/2019
The General Services Administration will host an industry day on April 18 to detail initial thoughts around a new contract writing system. Crystal Philcox, the assistant commissioner for Enterprise Strategy Management at GSA's FAS, among others joined Federal News Network's Jason Miller for Ask the CIO.
00:50:34 4/4/2019
Michelle Jacobs, the director of DLA's hosting office, said the agency is using commercial cloud services to host more than 60 percent of its applications and wants to move toward a software-as-a-service model. Jacobs joined Federal News Network's Jason Miller on Ask the CIO.
00:50:33 3/28/2019
Vince Urias, a distinguished member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories, said the HADES program creates a fake environment where cyber defenders can lure hackers and better understand their techniques.
00:43:23 3/14/2019
Suzi Connor, the chief information officer at CDC, said a new three-pronged approach will change the way the agency manages and uses technology. Connor joined Federal News Network's Jason Miller on this week's episode of Ask the CIO.
00:43:24 3/7/2019

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