Amanda and Jesse Podcast

The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Amanda and Jesse Podcast

Jesse took off his shirt at Riverbend

Find out why Jesse was briefly shirtless at Riverbend during the Thomas Rhett concert.
00:25:32 8/13/2019

Past Episodes

It's Amanda's birthday and we're celebrating by letting co-workers share nice things AND unique things they have to say about her. Listen in!
00:27:56 8/7/2019
Amanda got a call from the police and she said she couldn't help but feel nervous. She'll explain why. Also, Jesse apparently will have no power at his house when he gets home.
00:24:22 8/6/2019
Find out Amanda's big news. Also, Jesse witnessed a crime and froze!
00:24:46 8/5/2019
Jesse was stuck at work for 2 extra hours the other night. Find out what happened. Also, Amanda thinks she's old because of something she's excited about.
00:22:53 7/25/2019
Tyler Hubbard called in to talk about his sold out show with Florida Georgia Line next Thursday at Riverbend but at the time we talked to him, he was sort of in the middle of nowhere.
00:23:02 7/24/2019
Find out why Amanda had to go to the police. Hint: it involves money. Also, fake laughter in TV shows actually makes things funnier, but do we agree?
00:23:04 7/23/2019
Jesse admitted he doesn't have a certain safety device he should probably have in his house. Also, Amanda has weird event listed in her phone's calendar and she has no idea what it's for.
00:21:58 7/22/2019
Jesse woke up to find some weird things on his legs. He's not sure what's going on. Also, why is Amanda wearing men's deodorant?
00:21:36 7/21/2019
Find out the weird thing that's been happening in front of Amanda's house at night. Also, we make someone yell something embarrassing in public to win sold out Hootie and the Blowfish tickets.
00:26:00 7/18/2019
We discuss how germy certain things around the office are. Elevators, bathrooms, etc. Jesse says there's one thing he does every time he leaves a bathroom.
00:25:13 7/17/2019

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