Amanda and Jesse Podcast

The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Amanda and Jesse Podcast

We asked our co-workers why they were on Santa's naughty list this year

We walked around our company Christmas party and asked our co-workers why they were on Santa's naughty list this year. Hear what they said. Also, have you ever been asked a weird question on a date?
00:21:02 12/13/2018

Past Episodes

Jesse tells the story of something embarrassing that happened to him involving our boss several years ago. Also, edible candles are a thing?
00:12:55 12/12/2018
Something scary happened to Amanda while she was walking her dog the other day. Find out what happened and listen to what a Sheriff's Deputy suggests she do in the future. Also, black Christmas trees are now a trend?
00:19:37 12/11/2018
Find out what Amanda did over the weekend that she's never done before! Also, Jesse bribed his neighbor to do something for him and he actually did it!
00:18:51 12/10/2018
Jesse told his neighbor's about the damage his dog did to their fence. He shares what their response was. Also, Amanda is scared of a workout class she signed up for over the weekend.
00:18:21 12/9/2018
Amanda wants to know if she gives someone a Christmas gift NOW, if she STILL has to give them a Christmas gift closer to 12/25.
00:22:20 12/6/2018
Jesse's caught his dog Jackson chewing a big hole in his neighbor's fence. It will definitely need repaired. Find out what happened.
00:14:57 12/6/2018
Jesse got mad at a family member for a text message they sent the other day. He tells the story and ultimately tries calling the person on the air. Also, Amanda's got a weird problem with a light switch at her house and doesn't know what to do.
00:23:52 12/4/2018
Amanda's husband questioned her on something the other night and she swears she didn't do it. Also, Jesse was in a house over the weekend and he thought there was a natural gas leak.
00:20:31 12/3/2018
We talked to a guy on the phone who had a great story about how he's trying to get back at his neighbor's for filing complaints about him to the city. Also, Jesse says he's sleep-texted before.
00:23:42 12/2/2018
Amanda's going back to school! Sorta. She'll explain. Also, our boss shares a horror story of something he came home to once after vacation.
00:23:43 11/29/2018

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