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The afternoon team of Amanda and Jesse from B105 in Cincinnati, OH like to keep things fun, and a little crazy. Listen daily for personal stories, fun contests like Beat the Bear, and chats with their favorite country stars!


Here's the reason we couldn't light Jesse's couch on fire

We had plans to light Jesse's couch on fire at a wedding reception but there was one thing that prevented that. Also, we talk about weird smells we like and take some interesting phone calls.
00:27:25 10/22/2018

Past Episodes

We lay out the final plans for lighting Jesse's old couch on fire. It'll be at a wedding reception!
00:26:36 10/21/2018
Jesse's been having something weird happen to him in his new truck. He explains. Also, we talk about the new creepy show on Netflix that Amanda likes but Jesse is having a hard time watching.
00:20:28 10/18/2018
We got Statt on the phone to get an update on how he's doing since his car wreck a few weeks ago. Also, Amanda bought Jesse a good luck charm for his new truck.
00:31:32 10/17/2018
Jesse is trying to get rid of his old couch and Amanda has offered to pay him $50 to light it on fire. We now know where it's going to happen and you won't believe it! Also, Jesse has already caused damage to his new truck.
00:28:07 10/16/2018
Jesse has been trying to sell his old, used couch to no luck. Amanda has a different solution. Lighting it on fire! Also, Amanda had a critter staring at her through her kitchen window the other night.
00:31:12 10/15/2018
Amanda has big news about a magazine that is featuring her and her weight-loss story. Also, we talk about the huge Mega Millions jackpot.
00:20:23 10/14/2018
We talked to David Lee Murphy (Dust on the Bottle, Everything's Going to Be Alright) about his performance at Zoo Brew and even got him to play a round of "Beat the Bear" with us.
00:10:00 10/11/2018
We locked ourselves in the basement of the Dent Schoolhouse and ended up hearing something creepy. We play the audio evidence. Also, we give away over $3,000 in the Hi-Lo Cash Machine AND we talk to David Lee Murphy about his performance at Zoo Brew.
00:23:27 10/11/2018
Amanda loves that its getting cold outside and she lists the top 5 things she loves about colder weather.
00:11:08 10/10/2018
Find out the creepy place that we're going to lock ourselves in the basement of leading up to Halloween. Also, a woman got kicked off a plane for bring her pet squirrel as a support animal. We talk about it.
00:22:32 10/10/2018

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